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Monday, April 14, 2014

New Look

I did it again. Long-term blog followers will remember when Lily used to look like this:

Back in 2012, still in FL.
I let her mane grow out starting last summer. Figured we'd try the long mane endurance look:

Montoya DSA, one of the mares Karen over at Not So Speedy Dressage used to own.
Gorgeous mare and enviable mane!
Lily has never grown a thick mane, so of course I was not expecting her to look like Karen's girl. I just figured we'd see how long her mane could get while still looking good.

It worked for a while:

Until it stopped working:

I'd just applied MTG to her mane in frustration, which made it look even more limp.
It didn't help that her blankets had rubbed the mane right at the top of her withers, where the neck starts, creating the illusion that she has these huge sharkfin withers.
So you can see that she is by no means starved to death. Her neck in the previous photo certainly made her look that way. Photo taken the same day, a couple of seconds later. Note the rubbed, slightly standing up mane at her withers.

So I cut it all off the next day. This photo was literally taken 24 hours later. It's fascinating how much the mane can influence the look of a horse's neck.

Weird angle - her ears look HUGE...

Her forelock had turned into this floofy poof with a long rat tail which also played tricks with her head, making it seem larger. So that came off as well.

She had this past weekend off while I took some time to just go out and do stuff with Charles outdoors. I still went to the barn to give her her lunch and let her run around in the arena at liberty. Nothing strenuous.

Photo taken yesterday. It's amazing to me how much she beefed up with one entire week off of work. I knew it in my head and have been applying it to our  distance training (3 days work, 4 days off) but it's really cool to see what a difference rest can make for a horse in heavy training. 
Yup, I definitely prefer this look for her. :)


  1. Replies
    1. Right? If she had a thick mane I'd have left it long, but she just looks so much better like this.

  2. She and Ashke are twinkies!!!

    Although Ashke's mane is growing out and J is threatening to leave me if I don't let it grow. I am going to miss my Roman Calvary horse.

    1. So that means I can make a portrait of him with a long mane? :D I'd wanted to give him a long mane so bad in the one I made for you but knew you loved his roached mane.

  3. Now I am itching so bad to hack Goose's fluffy mess of a mane off....It's so hard to resist when I see pictures of Lily looking so good with her mohawk! She is beefy!

  4. *Fistbump for beefcake mares with roaches*

    1. *Fistbump!* I kept looking at O's gorgeousness and thinking, "Man, I miss when Lily looked like that!" You may have influenced my decision! ;)