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Sunday, January 25, 2015

TOA Blog Hop: Sugar Momma

I'm late with the next installment of Beka's awesome blog hop:

Let's continue pretending that horse poop magically transforms into money instead of the other way. So money doesn't matter. If you could buy anything for your horse, what would it be?

It's taken me a while to get around to actually answering this one. So many people have had such great answers! Initially I was going to go ALL OUT with the most outrageous things I could find for the girls, but I'd have a hard time coming up with something better than Dom's post. ;) The truth of the matter is that I think the horses are very happy with the situation I've been able to provide them so far.

If I could change anything, it would be to give them even MOAR land to roam on, with lots of hills so they could get some buttwork while grazing, and a small herd with even-keeled horses of different ages so they can have a few horsey friends to choose from and play with. I'd love to have access to a stall or two just in case, because horses and the things horses do... I'd love to have mountains to condition them regularly on, so endurance rides would seem a piece of cake.

Liz's setup has always seemed ideal to me.
Photo taken by Liz last winter: the farm as seen from between Q's ears. :)
I'd love to have some sort of sand arena so I could continue working them safely in the winter when the world in MD turns to mud. I've been struggling with that this winter. Winter is a great time to focus on dressage and groundwork for cross training. It's not fair to give an arthritic horse like Gracie months off in the winter, as this will only aggravate the arthritis especially when it's really cold outside. But this is near impossible when the horses can't safely move faster than a walk and it's not fair to request correct work when they have to be watching where and how they put their feet. I've been lucky if I've been able to get two sessions a week with each horse this winter.

Arena: yes
I would certainly get a horse trailer STAT. A 3-horse slant, extra-tall and extra-wide, would be awesome so we could take them on more adventures. With rubber on the floor and walls, and cushy padding on the dividers. So they could travel as comfortably as possible.

Yeah. Like that.
Except it would be an open stock-type trailer.
Of course both horses would get regular visits by the equine masseuse, chiropractor and acupuncturist, as needed.

Photo from Star Equine Massage
Lily would get an Ogilvy half pad to use under the Wintec for endurance rides. My Woolback is too thick for the Wintec: it turns it into a tight fit. Which means I have to resort to thin cotton pads or my wool-lined Ambleside. The problem I ended up having at Fort Valley was that the Ambleside slid around, and that combined with the heat retention of the Wintec's synthetic material, ended up causing heat friction rubs on Lily's back. She didn't show any signs of pain during the ride nor after it (and this horse WILL tell me if a saddle doesn't fit!), but two weeks later I noticed some flaking of skin, almost like dandruff, along the sides of her spine right under where the saddle would go. As her full winter coat came in, the roots of her hair grew in white in the same spots that had flaked before. Liz had something very similar happen with her Wintec during one of her first long rides with Q a long time ago. She had been using a cotton pad under the saddle. The issue was solved when she started using her Woolback with memory foam inserts. I hate falling for fads but the Ogilvys sound marvelous and I like the fact that they don't alter saddle fit thanks to the compressible nature of the memory foam they are made out of. I think this would solve the heat friction issue if continuing to use the Wintec in competition.

And they would get some sort of containment system for rides/camping. I don't know how good Gracie is about electrical fencing, so I'd have a hi-tie installed on our brand spanking new trailer for her (she's really smart about ropes; on the rare occasion she does get tangled, she'll just wait there patiently for you to come and release) and then we'd set up the electric corral around her so Lily could still hang out with her sister.

Hi-ties allow horses to lie down.
Photo from Karen Chaton's blog Endurance Ride Stuff.
Both girls would also add that they want an endless supply of treats. Lily says specifically Stud Muffins!


  1. How funny you mention the arena in light of what happened to me this month - I've been so jealous of how you've set up cavaletti *in your pasture* and use it, that's just impossible here. I always wanted a hilly pasture, and now I've got it, and now I curse it at times....but my flatlander horse learned very quickly how to be agile on hills.

    I will commence an effort to convince you to move to the PNW where your trails will be straight up and down, your weather will be mild all year, and someday, someday, I'll be there.

    1. I just want both: the hilly pasture AND the arena. I almost cried when your arena was taken away from you. :'( Was J able to talk to Herr S about it?

      Not much effort would be needed to convince me! Haha...Originally I wanted to go to Oregon or Washington State. Even before the blogs, I'd heard such wonderful things about both states. Not too sure about all of the rain in the winter though. ;) Charles would have to visit first to be convinced.

  2. And I would come borrow your hills ;) With my imaginary sound horses...

    1. And we would go galloping off together, going "WEEEEeeeeEEEEEeeeeEEE!" *hug*

  3. Just move here. Problem solved. ;-)

    You forgot to ask for what you REALLY need. A teleporter.


    Then you could have EVERYTHING.

  4. nice list - and that pic of the horses lying down with the hi-tie is so adorable!!

    1. Haha isn't it? Karen Chaton is an experienced endurance rider that has travelled all over the country competing with her horses. Da bomb!

  5. I would be happy to be a horse owned by your whether I could have what you already provide or what you wish you could :)

  6. I've never seen a high tie on a trailer before! That's awesome! Also I totally need a teleporter too! Liz is a genius!!

    1. Aren't they cool? I'd never even heard of them until I started reading about endurance. They allow horses to graze, eat water and lie down, with minimal risk of getting tangled in the rope.

      Teleporters for all! :D