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Monday, February 23, 2015

FOR SALE! Tack and riding clothes!

Ok guys, I have all of this stuff for sale! Will mark as "Sold" when items are bought. Paypal only, please! Prices include USPS shipping within the continental US. 
Will continue adding stuff as I dig more up!

1. PRI Prix sheepskin dressage half pad
- Paid $130 for it new; asking for $70 shipped (shipping is pricey on items this awkwardly shaped)
- White cotton with off-white sheepskin trim and sheepskin lining
- Velcro billet straps
- Spine channel and high wither cut, similar to Mattes
- Size large: spine length is 19" long without trim (will accommodate a saddle up to 19" long); 23.5" with trim
- Gently used condition. Was used for one dressage show and a few lessons over a cotton pad; light staining on sheepskin underneath the pad on back edge, where it was longer than the cotton pads used underneath. Sheepskin of trim is pristine. Some light scuff marks on the cotton but they are not visible when saddle is on top. Sheepskin is still soft and fluffy.

Note spine channel

2. Smith Worthington Wexford monocrown dressage bridle SOLD
- Paid $75 for it new; asking $30 for it shipped
- Cob size
- Black leather with gray padding; reflective piping
- Crank noseband; padding under crank chinstrap can be removed
- Stainless steel hardware
Smith Worthington is a family-owned US business that has been making quality tack since 1794.
The Wexford line is their more inexpensive line; at the time I was looking for a dressage-legal bridle to use as a show bridle without a flash attachment and a crank noseband seemed to be the only non-flash option available at the time. The company claims their Wexford bridle line is made from aniline leather, made to take oil well. The black leather is dyed; the gray padding on this bridle is painted leather but it will not flake off; this bridle ultimately was used as a schooling bridle: it was used frequently and conditioned liberally over the course of a year and the paint is intact. I would say the leather quality of this bridle is similar to that of Smartpak's Plymouth dressage bridles (I own one of those as well). Bridle is in good used condition. Some wear on the reflective piping. It has been cleaned and conditioned and stored indoors.

Normal lighting.
Taken with flash to show off the reflective piping.
Reflective piping on browband and monocrown
Detailed of padded browband and monocrown.
Detail of padding on cavesson.
Padding on chinstrap can be removed altogether.

3. The Distance Depot Beta biothane English breastcollar
- Paid $67 for it new; asking for $45 shipped
- Cob size; very very adjustable!
- 3/4" black beta biothane underlay with 1/2" pale blue beta overlay; brass hardware
- Nifty clip on wither strap for effortless placing and removing; no need to put on/take off over the horse's head
- Clip for attachment to girth; removable clips for attaching to saddle. Smaller clips ideal for English saddle but will work just fine on a Western saddle as well. Will not rub or make your horse's shoulders stiff/sore; it is designed to stay in place and be worn for hundreds of miles at a time.
The Distance Depot's biothane tack is very high quality. I have tried synthetic tack from other manufacturers and I just keep coming back to them. I absolutely love their stuff. Beta has a similar feel to leather; it is matte-colored, very soft and flexible. I have biothane tack that has lasted over 15 years. It doesn't fade and is so easy to take care of: just hose off and put away! Selling this breastcollar because I'm looking to change Gracie's tack colors. You can read more about The Distance Depot's Traditional English breast collar here. 

Showing all the clips. Note strap that goes over withers that clips to ring on opposite side.
Breastplate detail

4. Tuffrider Piaffe full seat breeches SOLD
- Paid $79.95 for them new; asking for $35 shipped
- Size 28
- Fawn color with contrast coffee-colored full seat
- Cotton twill material with soft synthetic SILX full seat. Material minimizes flaws.
- Lower rise with wide waistband; slash pockets
- Velcro bottoms
These are basically new pants; I only wore them a handful of times. Washed with Woolite and line-dried; no fading/pilling/signs of wear at all. This is the link to the pants description on the JPC website.  There is nothing wrong with them; they are perfect for dressage schooling, lessons and clinics. I've just moved on in discipline choice and I have yet to meet a full seat that is comfortable for hours and hours in the saddle. :)

5. StickySeat Performance knee patch tights
- Paid $75 for them new; asking for $35 shipped
- Size medium (fits 8/10; waist is 30" unstretched). Long inseam
- Taupe color
- Made of a high compression, moisture-wicking 4-way stretch cotton/nylon/spandex blend
- Regular rise, slightly lower in front than in back
- Has belt loops with interior key pocket
- StickySeat is basically a rubberized pebble grip on the seat of these pants. You don't feel it at all when sitting down but these things grip much better than your regular suede seat. They are excellent pants for wearing on the trails when you might encounter unpredictable situations, riding young horses, breaking in a slick new saddle, or schooling dressage.
I wore them over a humid MD summer while rehabbing one stall-bound bonkers mare and they live up to their claims. All of them, even the flaw-hiding one. The pants are super soft, like cotton, but they don't retain moisture like cotton tights will. Very cool for hot, muggy weather. Only selling because they are a little too big in the waist. You can read more about these fabulous tights here.

Back, showing StickySeat

StickySeat detail.

The pants on me. Photo taken in the most unflattering noon-time light. I haven't had flawless thighs since I was 16. These pants work.

These are also listed on English Tack Trader or on Endurance Tack & Horse Swap. First come first serve!


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