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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Snaps: Ride Photos!

Both photos are from Hoof Print Images, taken last Saturday at Foxcatcher. :)

Nimo and Lily looking badass at the start of the first loop.
And proof that Lily really can match that big Friesian trot stride! :)

Beast Mare, with every tiny little vein popping! (Embiggen to see)
Her neck is inverted because she had lifted her head upon seen other horses cantering ahead of us and was all, "I want to canter too!" Love how engaged she is despite this! Talk about working dat butt...
Also love how she really has developed more bone in her legs since starting distance training almost 2 years ago. 


  1. These pictures are awesome! You both look like you're having a lot of fun :)

  2. Love Lily's coloring in the bottom photo. The difference between the shaved and other areas is very striking.

  3. Horses and riders all look so happy. Gotta love endurance!

  4. That horse you're riding with is so beautiful! Is he a Friesian??? Oh, and your horse looks very nice too:)

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  6. Very nice! Y'all look so sharp!