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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

In Which Liz Visits & Much Fun is Had

Many of you know Liz from In Omnia Paratus.

I consider her to be among my best friends and we try to see one another at least a couple of times a year since we're in neighboring states. This year has been rough with both of our competition schedules disappearing because of Lily's and Kenai's surgeries, but Liz was able to make it out to see us for Labor Day Weekend on her way up to Maine for a work trip.

Liz has Time Turner capabilities and I swear said capabilities are contagious when she is around. :) We managed to squeeze so much into our weekend, despite the fact that she arrived Friday afternoon and left Sunday morning!

Have some photos from her visit:

We went on a 5-6 mile trail ride to give Liz a tour of the barn where we're boarding at. We were crunched for time, so we managed to complete our little expedition in 45 minutes. Liz rode Gracie for the first time in over a year and commented on how far she has come in fitness, smoothness and responsiveness since then. Yay training!

Gracie would have taken Liz for a tour of the trails solo if allowed. She was all, "This way is more fun!"
G-Mare has developed quite the badonka-donk...
Riding through the famous landfill site at the barn.
Liz had the brilliant idea of getting gallop photos of Lily & me.
Here we were trotting away to get enough room to pick up speed on the straightaway.
On your marks...get set...GO!

This is my fave of the Lily pics.

Browband by Karen.
Since G-Mare is even more fun to gallop than Lily (in part because of her longer neck and more upright head set: she is just easier to balance on at speed), I asked if we could get pics of her too, and Liz said yes!
Gracie broke into a cross-canter during our first run so I slowed her down to start over. Liz nailed this awesome photo of her extended trot with all 4 feet off the ground!
Second run.
NEEEERRM..blurry, but you can get a feel for how much this mare can fly!
Third run: not blurry!
Uphill gallop much?
This mare would rock at jousting...
Dat reach tho!
Just epic.

We took Liz up to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain so she could see the view.

It's not a huge elevation, but the trees already had more colors than at lower elevations.
Yup, we climbed UP this just to appreciate the view!
On Saturday we took Liz into downtown Frederick for First Saturday festivities.
I don't think my tan is obvious at all... ;)

Carroll Creek
Street musicians.

So you guys can hear them too. :)
We walked into this record store when I saw the sign outside announcing free beer.
They really did have free beer in a cooler by the door, no strings attached. Not only that, it was good beer!
Baltimore's National Bohemian.
No open containers allowed on the streets so we hung out looking around the store. So, so many original records here! Great little place for people-watching too: the customers looked like they had stepped out of a 70's movie. Pretty cool.
More outdoor music.
It's great when your bestie and your hubs get along so well...
I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face!
It was a short visit: Liz left that Sunday bright and early to continue on her way north. But we had a blast as always. 

Go check out her photos of her journeys here


  1. free natty boh?!? haha i'd never leave! lol seriously tho - what a fun weekend, galloping around on the horses looks like a blast too

    1. Yup free natty boh! And I don't think there was a limit to how many you could take either! ;)

  2. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    I doubt that will the the last absurd squabble Carlos and I have...and it may be the first of many that result in us trying to spit toothpaste on you. Tehehehe.

  3. Sosososo jealous. I am very overdue to see BOTH of you, but especially you <3

    1. YES! I hope we can remedy that before the year is over! <3

  4. Gorgeous galloping pics! Looks like a great weekend visit!

  5. Replies
    1. They are. It still amazes me to think that I never would have met my best friend if it weren't for the blog!

  6. Awesome pics! Looks like you guys had a great visit!