"And, when you want something, the entire Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." -The Alchemist, by Paulo Coehlo

Saturday, January 2, 2016

An Epic Ride

Today, Charles and I went to the barn. Sans plans.

I wanted to ride soooooooo badly. I hadn't ridden either horse in over 6 weeks! But I was dealing with my "itis"...BUT we got to the barn, I soaked mashes for the girls while Charles fetched them from the field...and once I had them in front of me I said, "FUCK THIS SHIT I AM RIDING!"

Gracie is boss mare at the moment in the herd and while she has been wonderful for me in everyday handling, I suspect she will need groundwork before riding so she can be taken down a peg...so I tacked up Lily instead. With my Alta. Once they were done eating, Charles took G-Mare back up to the field and I hand-walked Lily down to the arena. She pranced next to me the entire way. She wasn't being obnoxious or unruly, she simply pranced. Since she wasn't doing anything else, I ignored her. Once in the arena, I set her free and let her gallop around in both directions until she let me know she was ready to come back to me.

She did. Quite clearly.

I got on and it was like we had never stopped riding.

Hand gallops in both directions as part of our warm-up.
She is slightly on the forehand but this is one of my fave arena trot pics of us ever at the moment!
All of the gym time paid off in dividends because I felt like I had had no time out of the saddle whatsoever. Lily felt like she had been ridden the day before: she wasn't hot nor looky nor nervous, and she gave me a stellar workout in the arena. Her field board situation gets some credit for that, but I'm also taking some of the credit: being fit means I can ride so much more effectively! I could definitely feel the difference in both of us.

We simply worked on transitions, nothing fancy, because we haven't done any "proper" dressage arena work in months and months. I was just happy with her willingness to listen. Direct link here.

As uphill as she is ever going to get. I was VERY pleased!
We rode for a good 30 minutes and then I asked Charles to open the gate for us.

I was originally just going to walk her back to the barn...but decided to take her to the landfill instead.

She pranced and was looky going out by herself but she quickly settled when I laughed at her shenanigans. And we had the most glorious ride ever.

This is my all-time favorite video of Lily and me to date. Direct link here.

Charles filmed from the truck. His film degree sure has come in handy for our riding adventures!

This was Charles's favorite video. Direct link here.

Prancy jog back towards the barn. She was very proud of herself! I dismounted at the end of the gravel, laughing at her, and hand-walked her the rest of the way.
Direct link to video here.

By the time we made it back to the barn, the sweat on Lily's thick winter coat had already dried off. She has lost absolutely no fitness whatsoever. I gave her a small mash with electrolytes and set her free after thanking her for such a wonderful ride.

First ride of the year: DONE! :D


  1. What a great start to your year and I wish for you many more carefree and laughing rides.

  2. Yay for riding! Great start to 2016! :)

  3. The Art of the Nonplan is a wonderful one. Cheers to more incredible rides!!

  4. Best way to bring in 2016. I hope the rest of your year remains on the same wavelength.

  5. aww what fun!!! she just looks so thrilling to let go and whip through the wind!!!