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Friday, August 10, 2012

Wolf Lake

Lots of updates!

My birthday was July 15, and to celebrate, Mark and Judy planned a trip to Wolf Lake, a park in Davie that has a man-made lake with a shore built to allow horses to go into the water to swim. A wooded trail goes around the lake, with the option of going up and down a very steep but small hill. Last summer we went several times-3 times with Rhythm, and once with Lily. It had been almost exactly a year since I'd taken Lily, so I was curious to see if she'd remember. She'd been really good about going into the water that time, and had behaved beautifully on the trail.

I asked Diana for permission to bring Bali with us (Diana had to work that day, and she was training new staff so she could not request it off) because Bali had a history of loving the water. She would be Charles's to ride for the day. We also took Pink and Beau-this was Pink's first time going to the park, and Ines was coming with us, too.

We had the most awesome time. The whole barn went, plus Charles, Judy's boyfriend, and Sam( Mark's friend from UPS). All of the horses went into the water, and we all took turns going around the trail (it's probably a mile long). We had Coldstone ice cream cake along with our lunch. It was one of the best birthdays ever. The photos tell the story:

Charles surrenders Bali to Mark right off the bat, in exchange for the bike! Here the horses had just come off the trailers, and we were all checking out the grounds.

I lead Lily right into the water, and she follows. The last time we came, she was upset by the little bait fish nibbling at her chestnuts, so I wanted to let her adjust before riding her into the water.
Relaxing in the water.
Leading Lily out, to put her bridle on and ride in.

This was both Pink's and Ines's first time at Wolf Lake. Ines was determined to take Pink into the water without leading her in first.

Pink hesitates at the edge of the water.

"What is this shiny stuff?"

Splashing!! Not so bad after all...

Pink gets comfortable in the water, taking the lead from the other horses (mainly Bali, in the photos below!)
Lily, still not 100% sure about the water, but ok with just hanging out with Beau and Dianne.
"What's this? Water?!"

I lead Bali in, and she has a grand ole time splashing in the lake, first with one foot, then the other.

She took us completely by surprise, however, when she decided to lie down in the water!

She did this several times, getting up and lying down again, making herself evenly wet, and happy as a clam. Look at her face in this one! She even considered rolling a couple times, but would stop every time she'd realize that her head would have to be submerged too.

After Bali had settled and was happy to just stand around in the water, I hopped on bareback with just her halter.

The horses chill while we eat lunch. Each one of them broke free at least once while we ate, except for Beau (the grazing bay)
Coldstone Oreo ice cream cake!!

Beau relaxing.


Ready for the trails! Ines & Pink all tacked up.

The posse. Lily and me leading the way, Charles is next on Bali, with Ines on Pink after, and Mark and Beau following last.
Ines gives the hill a go on Pink

Dianne takes a turn on Pink

Mark tries to convince Beau to go into the water in tack. Beau isn't too sure about this idea.

Dianne rides into the water, bareback on Bali.

Bali blowing bubbles!

I ride Lily into the water in our synthetic Western saddle

Hanging out :)

Bali had been tied to the hitching post so Beau could go in the water, and, feeling left out, she broke free and came running to the water's edge, until she stepped on her own lead rope!

I trade Lily for Bali, and she happily wades into the water.

Bali having a blast. I think of all of us who went to Wolf Lake, she had the best time!

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