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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Friday Trails

Tina on Houdan in the lead, Sally and Jezebel in front of Lily and me as we wound through the woods

Tina, Sally and I went for another ride on the trails. I'm happy to report that Jez, despite being in race horse mode (head up, snorty, and prancy) did AWESOME on the trails, and even crossed the stream! Sally had to get off the first time and lead her across, going away from home, and Jezebel decided that she was just going to jump across...almost knocking her mom over! She then wouldn't hold still long enough for Sally to get back on, and I got off Lily and held Little Miss Racer so her owner could get a foot in the stirrup. The rest of the ride was uneventful, and we even trotted a bit on the way back. Jez put in two canter strides, but responded right away when Sally brought her back down to a trot. We then arrived at the same creek crossing from earlier, and this time Jezebel followed Houdan right to the water's edge. And then it was like time went into slow motion. From our position  in the rear, I watched Jezebel lower her head to look at the water more closely, then gather herself and LEAP across, all 4 feet leaving the ground. I gasped, watching. Sally did an awesome job, instinctively following Jez during the jump. They landed hard on the incline on the other side, almost colliding with Houdan's butt. Sally almost lost her balance for a split second, but Jez swung around in such a way that Sally regained her seat perfectly and they both came to a halt next to Houdan and Tina. "Good save!" Tina and I exclaimed. "What was that?? What did she do??" Sally asked in bewilderment. Tina and I laughed. "Jezebel JUMPED!"

Lily and I crossed the creek behind our leaders, and we continued on our way. Thankfully, there were no more acrobatics from any of the horses. We were on the trail for almost an hour, after which Lily was particularly tired and quite sweaty. It was in the upper 50's; a beautiful day. We even saw a butterfly and there were little gnats pestering the horses. It's SPRING, really and truly!


  1. Glad everyone was ok with that leap across. I haven't been trail riding in so long (I've never taken my current horse) So to say I'm jealous is an understatement :)

  2. I miss going on trails when I don't have access to them. :) Trail access was a requirement when I was looking for barns in this area. Have you started the barn search for GA? :D