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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

My own photos. All taken at the park across the street from the barn during our ride yesterday.
Rode again with Elena and Grema her Icelandic.

We trotted when we hit the Fox Meadow trail, Lily at a nice slower trot with Grema gaiting behind her, performing the tolt. It is a lateral gait similar to a TWH's running walk or a Puertorrican Paso's andadura. I could hear her little hooves on the grass taking 2 strides for each of Lily's one! She kept up just fine, though, never letting Lily get any more than a pony length in front of her. Lily was fab about having a pacing horse behind her. She flicked her ears a couple of times initially, but made no move to accelerate.
We then went into the wood trails backwards, going in where we came out last time. We got a little lost initially and followed the trail to where it disappeared! We back tracked, found the correct trail, and made our way through the woods. The photo above is of one of the few spots where the ferns are still all green. They are starting to dry up with the cooler nights we're having.

The trail.
We had one moment where Lily unexpectedly gave a leap in the air, all 4 feet leaving the ground at once while I had the reins in one hand! She landed and stood for a second, then walked on. I have no idea what startled her; Elena thought it might have been her fault - she moved a branch behind us. I was laughing; it was a pretty comical spook. I was really pleased that Lily just let it go and continued on her way without continuing to worry.
We followed the creek through some really gorgeous spots.
LOVED the light shining through the trees!
Lots of fallen trees. Lily still occassionally looks at them but is getting better about not thinking they'll eat her...
My own photo of Hawlings River.
Trail by the river.

We hadn't been through this part before. The trail went up, up, up and got narrower and narrower, with less trees on our left...for a couple of feet there, we were quite literally riding next to a small cliff, with a 6' drop on our left towards the river.

A lot of rocks! I was glad I'd put her Cavallos on.
We're having a sizing snafu with the Renegades that we're hoping to correct in the next couple of weeks.

We rode towards the lily pad lake. See the goldenrod on the each side?

LOTS of goldenrod. You can see the lily pads on the lake off towards the left.
The lake.

Proof that I really am on my mare...hahaha...
Charles hasn't been able to come out to the barn in a while due to conflicting schedules.

Full view of the lake.
Elena beaming on her awesome little mare.
Isn't Grema adorable?!

The trail back to the meadow, going uphill.

I didn't get any more photos of the Fox Meadow trail after this because we did a full loop around the meadow at a trot. Lily stayed steady in the lead, and Grema happily tolted (I'm assuming that's the verb for it...) behind us a couple of feet away. We broke down to a walk when we arrived at the park's parking lot. I turned around and Elena was beaming. "That was FUN!" we both said. The two mares are definitely a good match for quicker work. Elena hadn't trotted on the trails in the last year, until this day!

The street was fairly quiet coming and going, so I didn't dismount.
The black fence on the right is our barn's. We had just crossed the street from the park. It's not along stretch to ride by the road, but it's just long enough that you could still run into trouble if some idiot goes flying by in a semi, which does happen on this street.
At least there is a good view of both sides of the street, so you can trot across quickly if you need to!

Gracie (Lily's field board buddy) and Tally (Grema's field board buddy) whinnied at us the minute we stepped on the barn driveway! Gracie came galloping up to us (thankfully Lily didn't lose her shit over that...) and walked us back to the barn on her side of the fence.

Isn't Gracie gorgeous?

We did 4.96 miles in 1.5 hours. It might have been longer, but it kind of matched the amount of time we were gone, and my phone died sometime on the way back...this is AFTER taking it to the Apple store. (It started having issues after iOS 7.) It officially needs to be replaced. Ugh.

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