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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Yesterday I took Lily out on the bridle path for a speed interval workout.

We warmed up for 15 minutes in the arena, mostly walk and trot with a canter circle in each direction. I wanted to do some lateral stuff also, but neither one of us was really in the mood for it. I ended up just focusing on getting her soft through her neck and back, then we walked down to the bridle path.

We started out trotting all the way up the hill. I think it's a 30 degree incline, max.

Up the hill

Turned around, then trotted all the way back down.

Down the hill

We then veered left onto the bridle path, and turned right at the end to trot up the far hill. This hill is shorter, with maybe a 20 degree slope.

We turned around, trotted back and repeated, this time cantering up each of the two hills. Each full lap on this little course was a mile in length; we did it twice, hitting 6mph (10 minute miles) with the mainly trot/canter combo. Lily did ask to walk part of the way down the second hill both times and I let her, so those short walks are included in that time.

She did not feel tired so I decided to add in one loop through the back woods. We trotted through it and she even jumped one of the logs.

She launched herself up the Hill of Doom and then asked to trot downhill all the way across the yard that leads back to the bridle path. She normally doesn't want to trot downhill so I allowed it this time. She gave me an awesome forward trot and I decided to just get up in three-point instead of posting. Result: apparently this somehow freed up her shoulders because she started flicking her feet up at the trot!! She's only done that once before under saddle and that was almost a year ago!

Lily flicking her toes up during an extended trot at liberty.

We walked the rest of the way home.

Total miles: 3.83
Total time: 46 minutes, 31 seconds
Average speed: 4.9 mph
Maximum speed: 14.9 mph (her canter speed used to be around 13 mph - this is an improvement!)

Waiting for me to close the bridle path gate.
Following me home. She's been doing this sort of thing a lot lately. :)


  1. *makes fighter jet zooming noises*

  2. I always wish that they moved undersaddle like they do at liberty.

  3. I'm soooooo envious of your hills lol! That would be so helpful for Chrome's stifles. Your workout with Lily sounds like so much fun! :D

    1. It's awesome to have 2 hills like this right off property! It's the first time we've had anything like this. :) In FL we had 2 artificial hills we could work on but we had to ride a ways to the park at the end of the street to use them.