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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Friday Ride Day

On Friday Charles and I went for another ride together.

We did more exploring, following the same new trails we had last Sunday, and I also took him on some other trails that I hadn't done since last fall and I wanted to show them to Charles.

Gracie is so sweet

I had been wanting to go wading in the river since first laying eyes on it last fall!

The awesome new trail up the super steep hill

There is a creek flowing next to fallen fence in the distance. You can see it clearly in person but not so much in the photo. :/
Lily says, "Why are we taking pictures? Let's go!"
Yes, he wore the same shirt as last Sunday.
Yes, it had been washed! Lol
End of the trail. This is where we turned around and backtracked.
Lots of logs means...
...jumping! And yes, my form is awful (elbows! Ugh) but we were just having fun.

And  more jumping
I took Charles over to the Bumpass's Crossing. We found the trail that Kathy and I had tried to find when we went this way but it was just another trail that eventually dead ended on private property. So we turned around and took the mares into the river.

She was wearing all 4 Vipers again. Yup, they stayed on!
Charles was main photographer for this ride. I was tracking our distance with my phone and right now every time I open the camera, whatever apps are running get shut down. Including Runmeter! We did 10 miles in 2 hours.
We had a really awesome time. Both mares were very forward, especially Gracie. Gracie seemed to be in a weird mood: she was riding up Lily's rear end (thankfully Lily doesn't mind this), but when we let her go in front, she'd take 3 strides then stop. At one point, her and Charles cantered ahead while Lily and I stayed behind, maintaining a trot. As the distance between the two mares increased, Gracie suddenly stopped. It was a beautifully executed canter-halt transition and I thought Charles had requested it. He hadn't. Gracie had done it on her own. She didn't want to move on until Lily and I had caught up, which I thought was adorable but at the same time, she really should do as her rider says. I think she was testing Charles and I think she may have been in heat as well. You know that first photo at the beginning of this post? That was originally me separating them because Gracie was squealing every time Lily touched her nose. Silly mare. She hadn't done that before. We ended up just letting her follow Lily for the first hour of the ride and then we started alternating who was in front again. Gracie was fine then. I figured I'd take Gracie out on the trails with company on Saturday and have her lead with me in case she needed a tune-up. As it turned out, Gracie really was just testing Charles... More to follow!


  1. Silly mare. C is going to have to take some lessons from you to be comfortable with that mare. Or maybe just more time in the saddle with him? The pictures look awesome. I'm so happy that the two of you get to ride together.

    1. Oh he's comfortable. :) He's not intimidated by anything she does, but he does need more mileage with her. He just has to get through the testing, which would scare a beginner or insecure rider, but he's ridden worse. Lol It took me a good month of riding Gracie (before she became mine) before she would go consistently for me. More mileage for the two of them together will do the trick! :D

  2. That looks like so much fun! What great trails you have :)