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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Snaps

A sort of photo vomit from the last few weeks :)
None of these were taken today but they are being posted on a Saturday, so that counts.

Lily, when we were first cleared for work on the lunge/at liberty almost 3 weeks ago.
She still had some peach fuzz leftover winter coat, but it had become dull with whatever digestive/ulcery disaster caused all of her sudden weight loss prior to the laminitic/bruising event.
Gracie's "Before" 4/11/14. Taken the very first time I worked with her; I thought she looked so pretty with her tail flagged, despite the mud and the excess weight.
Gracie's "After, So Far" 5/9/14
What changed? 3 workouts a week: 1 dressagey in the arena, 1 long slow distance (slow gait with as much walking as she's willing to do, anywhere from 6-8 miles), 1 shorter workout on the trails at a faster pace; grazing muzzle for 8 hours a day (she has full access to grass from 4 pm to 8 am); 1 cup of Triple Crown Lite + 2 oz ground flax twice a day.

Completely unedited cell phone photo of Lily!

Gracie taking a nap!
Gracie after grooming her in the field. She followed me to the gate and stood there while I got in the car.
"What?! You're leaving already?"
Lily yesterday. Her coat is SHINING after getting all of the issues sorted out.
And love the mohawk on her. What ever possessed me to let her mane grow out? She looks so much better like this.
Lily's right front yesterday. She's shedding out her soles - not a bad thing. As a result of the event, the Durasole, the Magic Cushion, the diet changes, the dry lot footing...all of them?
That's one beefed up frog right there.
Ever since the event, I've pretty much been leaving her feet alone other than occasionally rolling her toes a titch. I'm just letting them do their thing.

One of Gracie's gorgeous hooves. Thick walls and concavity. She's always been barefoot. She has a minor case of thrush on her frogs that is clearing up with Durasole and the diet tweaking. I'm hoping her white lines will tighten as she continues to lose the excess weight in response to the diet changes and exercise.
How cute are they??!!
I'd given Gracie a bath and put her in Lily's dry lot with Kara the baby Icelandic while I rode Lily. I wanted Gracie to stay clean while she dried off! Came back into the barn after our ride and started untacking Lily. Turned around to discover this. They were both watching me attentively. Apparently untacking Lily is a fascinating thing. :)
The kitties! Haven't posted photos of them in ages.
Aengus and Astarte.
Aengus is named after the Celtic god of love, Astarte is named after the Mesopotamian warrior goddess.
Astarte the Most Adorable.
She really wanted some of the chicken I was eating for dinner...

We FINALLY had the test results back this week! Lily is negative for insulin resistance. So what does this mean? With my vet's guidance, we have started slowly reintroducing her to pasture without a muzzle on, but she comes back into the drylot at night. We should be able to get her back out on 24/7 grass within another 3 weeks. Next year we'll most likely have her in a grazing muzzle half the time during the beginning of the spring and I might shoe her with glue-on Eponas while the weather stabilizes.


  1. Gracie looks awesome! It looks like your diligence and the consistent riding is working it's magic on her weight issues. She's a very pretty horse.

    Lily is looking awesome. Are you going to do an Endurance Ride later this year? She sure looks ready.

    Did you and C ride this weekend?

    1. We're aiming for June. :) The vet said she should be more than fine to do it. If everything goes according to plan, we'll be doing the LD. And yup: rode today! Post will be up later this week. :)

  2. Gracie definitely looks better!

  3. Oh my goodness those cats are adorable! I love that calico! I'm glad it's good news about Lily! Also loving getting to know Gracie! She's awesome. Great personality!

    1. Astarte is the best kitty ever. I adore her! Gracie is quite the character. Lol