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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

WW: Mare Love

I'd been loving on Lily, and Gracie walked over to get some attention too. I started laughing when she got in so close that her forehead was pressed against Lily's neck, and Gracie's neck was against my chest so I could scratch her. SO adorable!!!
When we first moved to this barn, Gracie would try to chase Lily away to hog the attention and mob you for treats. She did this with everyone. Lily got to the point where she started chasing Gracie away when I came to visit her. I swear the day the bill of sale on Gracie was signed, they knew. Now I walk into the field and I get this. I've never experienced anything quite like this with horses of my own. It's the best!

Gracie comes over when she sees my car pull up and just stands napping while I groom her. She turns into my shadow the minute I walk into the field, following me around everywhere. She has recently started nickering when she sees the car! The mare loves attention about as much as a dog. :) I don't give my horses treats except when they are doing something that is hard for them and I want them to have a Big Reward. I don't like to bribe them: I'd rather they like me for me. If they don't come to me in the field, if they start walking or running away from me, I know I'm doing something wrong. 

The other evening I was in the run-in shed feed room setting up the girls' grain baggies. Gracie had wandered off to eat grass but Lily lingered, chasing all of the other mares away just so she could stand with her head inside the feed room and investigate what I was doing!


  1. Such a sweet horse. You know they like you when they would rather hang out and investigate.

    1. I love that!

      I just realized that I published this on a Tuesday and not a Wednesday! Doh! The main drawback of working a shift that ends on the next day is that I'm always one day ahead in my mind. *sigh* Oh well.

  2. Replies
    1. There is a super cute sequence of photos of them together coming up on the next blog post. :)