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Saturday, October 4, 2014


Ok, I've been positively BURSTING to tell you guys about all of this for weeks and weeks, but she hadn't announced it yet in Blogland and I didn't want to steal her thunder! :)

A couple of weeks ago, I told you guys how I rode Lily over to a friend's new farm to help her get set up. And I mentioned in my last post how I moved Lily and Gracie to a friend's new farm. Those new farms and the friends are the same place and the same person: my riding buddy and adventure sidekick Kathy! She bought her own horse farm! I told her that now she is literally living her farm dream! The two easy keeper mares with whom Lily and Gracie are living? Kathy's TWH Queenie and Zoe's Deja, the tiniest Arab.

Check out her post with before and after pics of the farm here.

And have some photos of the property and the horses, now that I can share them with you all :) Behold Copper Penny Farm! The horses were moved in last Saturday September 27th.

Lily grazing in one of the paddocks the day I rode her over to the barn to help.
Run-in shed and the little 2-stall barn. There is a roof overhang on the backside of the barn that also serves as a sort of additional shelter for 1 horse.
Jumps!! The barn came with its own set of jumps!
Lily being a shameless hussy with the geldings next door. Funnily enough, there are 4 geldings: a Palomino, a gray and 2 bays. We have 4 mares: a sorrel ("red chocolate" per KY Mountain Horse colors), a chestnut and 2 bays.
Isn't that funny?
Zoe and I cleaning out one of the stalls prior to moving in.
Kathy gets her locker set up while Kayla supervises.
The loft mid-cleaning out.
Kathy's very first hay delivery would arrive a few days later!
Stairs leading down from loft into barn below.
First hay delivery! 250 bales of orchard grass hay! (And 5 bales of alfalfa for Lily's lunches)
The mare herd: 3 easy keepers, 1 hard keeper. From left to right: Gracie, Lily, Deja and Queenie.
The large paddock behind the barn
Kathy's GINORMOUS front field. It is a hay field planted with orchard grass and clover. Only Lily gets to eat from it for limited amounts of time because it is far richer than any grass any of them have been used to eating. It is AWESOME for riding in. One lap around the field is 0.3 mile. I already did a speed ride in it! :) 
A view of the front field and driveway.

Kathy on her Bad Boy zero-turn lawn mower!
Back field, where I was riding Gracie in this week's Wordless Wednesday photos.
There are 2 coops side by side out there. I told Kathy I'd love to set up the jumps in that field. 
Same field
"The park across the street" is now just "the park": we can ride directly into it from Kathy's farm!
It's been a ton of fun helping Kathy get set up. She's just getting her feet wet in the world of keeping horses on her own property, and we're looking forward to being part of the adventure with her!


  1. Kathy looks absolutely bad ass on that red mower thing.

  2. It looks great! I'm sure she'll love having horses on her property with friends there to help. And that mower will definitely be needed!

    1. Very much so! I'm hoping she posts about her tractor search: that's been a major and fascinating project!

  3. Yay! It is soooo funny, when I read your last post about moving your mares I was instantly disappointed that you were possibly not going to have any more adventures with Kathy and Queenie... How funny that I thought of Kathy and Queenie right away! You always have the best blog posts after trail rides and excursions with them. I think you guys are going to have a great time together!

    1. That's awesome JWall, and I passed your comment along to her! :) Kathy says I bring out the adventurer in her. Other than Liz, I've never met anyone else as game as Kathy to try out pretty much anything I can think of. She's so much fun to ride with! She was key in getting my confidence back when I first started taking Lily out on the trails more and more. It's going to be a lot of work but we're all game to do it! We had a nice co-op type of setup at the FL barn where I boarded at, and I'd been missing it for a while now. We get to have that again here! :D

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  5. OMG! I'm a little behind in reading about your adventures, but had to read this post first. Fantastic! I've been dreaming about getting a place of our own for awhile, and it sounds like you got the next best thing:) Congrats on the move!

  6. That is so awesome!!!! Congrats to Kathy!! So exciting! The farm is beautiful!