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Friday, February 1, 2013

An Example of an Epic Buck

For those of you who wanted to see a photo, I do have one of Lily's spectacular bucks:

This photo was taken back in Florida, right after Hurricane Isaac-we turned the horses out after they'd been cooped up for 48 hours and they were all very frisky. Lily was not kicking at the mini-it's just a weird angle. He's way back by the fence. She was standing right next to that puddle on the ground when she leaped up in the air.

See? She gets AIR, I tell you! And this is a play buck...now imagine her doing this, but with her nose between her knees! 


  1. Looks like the bucks that landed my problem pony with me last year!

  2. Lol This is actually the main reason why she landed with me! She kept consistently bucking off the cowboy trainer that had her before me. As in, every ride. But then he was also trying to teach her to spur stop, which she was not happy about...