"And, when you want something, the entire Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." -The Alchemist, by Paulo Coehlo

Friday, January 24, 2014


Dear Blog,

It is Day #3 of being in bed, after a futile attempt at returning to work yesterday afternoon, which ended up with me returning home 4 hours early, with a coughing fit that didn't end until Charles strapped his asthma nebulizer to my face with a double dose of albuterol. (It's nice being married to an RN.) Fell asleep exhausted afterwards. I could breathe. Slept for 14 hours.

Have stayed in bed today all day, watching new episodes of New Girl, Parenthood, and No Reservations. (It was nice to visit the Dominican Republic through Anthony Bourdain's point of view. Yaaaay beeeeaaachess...)
Random beach in the Dominican Republic
Bonus beach shot, since we're all tired of the freaking cold.
This is Flamenco Beach in Culebra, one of Puerto Rico's baby sister islands. For $5, you take a 1 hour ferry ride from PR to Culebra. This beach was voted by the Discover Channel as the second most beautiful in the world.
And I've finally been able to catch up on reading y'all's blogs. Whenever I was awake, Aengus would bring me his neon green fur rat for me to throw. He'd take turns bringing it to me or Charles. (Yes, I have a cat that plays fetch better than most dogs!) If I coughed, Astarte came and lay next to my chest, purring. There are theories that purring heals; one of the studies was done at UC Davis.

My cats rock, btw. Just sayin.

Aengus and his rat.

I tried getting one of him actually trotting towards me, carrying the rat by the tail like he always does after retrieving it, but it was blurry. Here he had jumped up onto my pillow, rat in tow, and was waiting for me to throw it again.

Did you know:

  • That if you write to AERC, they will send you a free information packet? I had questions about becoming a member; read somewhere that techs get veterinary perks as AERC members (like access to veterinary CE at Convention), but didn't know how to indicate my status on the registration. It was either sign up as a vet-vet or as a regular person. Per AERC if you're a tech, you just sign up as a vet. Price for registration is the same, though. They responded to my e-mail within 12 hours, and within 2 days, I had received a DVD on what to expect at vet checks, numerous pamphlets and handouts on the sport, a current copy of Endurance News (I'm finally catching up on the whole FEI mess), information on the Atlanta convention, and registration papers for my AERC membership. So very cool! So if you're new to endurance and want more information, just write to AERC at aerc@foothill.net telling them that you're interested in the sport! 
My information packet :D

  • That there is an explosion of Green Bean endurance groups on Facebook? It all started with the PNER (Pacific North Endurance Riders) Green Bean group, and now there are several across the country! What are the Green Beans? They are support groups for new endurance riders or experienced endurance competitors on green horses. They encourage mentoring and meeting people from the same region for training/riding together. The nationwide Green Bean group is Green Bean Endurance. 

Already tired of being in bed. I'm a cranky and impatient patient that hates having to be still, to be locked up indoors. The weather is not helping!


Ok, changing the subject!

Ahhhh yes....Luquillo Beach in Puerto Rico, with the sacred mountain of El Yunque in the background.
That mountain is among my favorite places in the world to go hiking.

If you want to be temporarily transported to the tropics, you can go read this post that I wrote back over the summer. It's all about my little island and is full of my own personal photos from my time living there. 


  1. I love your islands. It might be the only place I would consider moving from Colorado. I love the ocean and I love mountains. I could get by with loving those mountains and beaches. Sigh.

    1. The green over there is so very green. It vibrates in its greenness. I had not seen any other place as green as the island until our first spring here in the NE. I still think it's funny that this place that is currently covered in 8" of snow is the one place that has reminded me the most of the tropics!

      Your mountains, though...I could live seeing the Rockies every day for the rest of my life as well. The first time I went West was with my dad to go to Yellowstone. We arrived through Jackson Hole's airport and we stepped off the plane outside, under the quiet presence of the Tetons. I had never seen mountains that tall, much less snow-capped mountains. They took my breath away. I knew they would be tall, but I had not been able to imagine how tall. It was a beautiful vacation, and the one last meaningful gift from my dad.

    2. I grew up under the Tetons. We skied there every winter from when I was eight until I was fifteen. I love Jackson Hole, although I remember it as being bigger and more fancy than it is as an adult. I love the wilderness of Idaho and the Bitterroot mountain range between Idaho and Montana. I love the west and it's mountains. And I really wish I could take you and your husband to Vedauwoo camping with our horses. There is no place on earth with as much meaning to me as that place.

      Although, your island sings to me as well . . . post more pictures please.

      I'm glad Yellowstone and Jackson's Hole was a good memory for you. And maybe someday we can talk about fathers . . .

    3. I would love to go visit, and when we do, you will be the first to know!

      Yes, I think maybe one day we can talk about fathers!

      Pictures are posted. :) Though I don't think it's what you were expecting. I'm still looking through my colored photos to see what I haven't featured yet.

  2. Also, sending lots of healing energy and some Apache tea for your cold. :) The tea may be a bit hard to drink, but if you think on it hard enough it will happen.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thank you! I will think very hard on that Apache tea!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! This cough needs to go away STAT!

  4. Very cool info, I have a couple friend's with fetching cats. Feel better!

    1. Some of my friends have cats that do the same thing too. :) And apparently Orientals and some Bengals are more likely to fetch than the average cat? It's just funny: Charles and I have both had dogs, but we were never able to get our dogs to play fetch. However, we ended up with a cat that came with the game installed as a kitten. Haha...

  5. Feel better! I'd love to go back to Puerto Rico