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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pony Time!!

Finally felt good enough today to make it out to the barn to see Lily! Charles offered to come with me, as I needed to re-arrange some of my stuff in the feed room so I can start keeping my beet pulp at the barn instead of storing it in the trunk of my car.

Have I mentioned before how awesome my husband is?

I wore: silk underpants, fleece breeches, insulated riding overpants; Cuddl Duds fleece top, wool turtleneck, 3-in-1 jacket; nylon sock liners, wool socks, snow boots, flannel scarf, and SSG 10-Below Gloves. I felt like the Michelin man, but I was toasty. Charles laughed at me when I told him it wasn't that cold. Well, when it's been in the teens for days, 31 degrees almost feels like summer. Almost...

I had taken some warm water from home with us with which to make up Lily's beet pulp in case the pipes were frozen again at the barn. We let her eat while we got my stuff figured out in the feed room. I wore a surgical face mask while inside the feed room: any dust or allergen exposure can rapidly set me back whenever I have any respiratory issue going on. It was a pain in the ass. My glasses kept fogging up, and it was either not be able to see or have to hold my breath indefinitely. Since I don't have the breath-holding capabilities of a dolphin, I ended up just removing my glasses while setting up Lily's feed for the week (grumble, grumble, grumble). I kept the face mask on though! I behaved! I was a good patient.

I was dying to ride, but I knew better than to try pushing myself too hard too soon, especially when I have to go back to work tomorrow. I decided to take Lily up to the arena to let her run around. She trotted all the way up the hill next to me, flagging her tail in anticipation! You'd think with all that acreage in her field she'd run whenever she wants, but apparently not.

The trotting didn't last very long.
She was being sassy at Charles. That's him standing by the gate.
Zooming trot

And some video; you can see her flicking her toes at the trot!

I saw Oscar drive by with the golf cart loaded with square bales for the mares, and thus I brought Lily to a stop and took her back down to the field so she could get her proper dinner and evening hay. 

I did it! I made it to see my pony! I actually felt even better after being outside for awhile, at least while at the barn. They've used so much salt around our neighborhood to melt the snow on the pavement that the smell bothers me; I find it irritating to my airway. Does anyone else have this problem?

The lake that we pass on the way to the barn. It was frozen solid! Charles ended up stopping the car to gawk. We've seen frozen water before. It's just still new for us to think that this is where we live! :)
Winter is much more fun when you are OUTSIDE.

Yay for pony time! 


  1. All you people and your wonderful horse husbands...someday I will have one and brag about him constantly (you know, when I'm slightly older than 18;)

    Lily looks fabulous and happy. Missy is the same way...when they turn her out in the morning, she walks straight to her pile of hay and there's no running or sassy mare attitude for the most part (despite her big pasture!). But when I turn her out in the arena...well that's a different story!

    1. Mares I tell you! Hahaha...

      You'll find a wonderful horse husband too one day! ;D

  2. I'm so happy you were able to get out!! And Kudos on Charles being with you and being such a help!! Mike helped carry grain in for me yesterday while I fetched the horses - he even wrapped my tweaked knee before I was allowed to ride Griffin. Hurrah for men that care about us and support the horse habit.

    PS I hope C is dressing better for this weather than he was before! Haha

    1. Yup, these men that care about us and are supportive of the horse habit are worth their weight in gold. And yes, he has been dressing a lot better now that he has appropriate clothes, though I still often have to tell him exactly what to wear! Lol There are still days when it's 20 degrees out and he still tries to leave the house in just a T-shirt, a hoodie and jeans! I keep telling him, "Charles, I don't think literally freezing your balls off is a cool thing to do." Men. Hahaha...

  3. Lily looks pretty awesome in her blanket, dancing in the snow. Yeah for horses that flick toes and flag tails. We loves them.

    On a more serious note, I hope your recovery continues and your breathing gets easier. I wouldn't have thought to wear a mask at the barn, but that was pretty smart. You certainly don't need to add Hantavirus to the mix.

    And Yeah! for the people in our lives that makes it easier, who take care of us and love us, regardless.

    1. I have a pretty strong immune system, which means I only get sick once a year, but when I do, this is often what it will be. Several years ago, it was my mom who suggested wearing a mask to the barn to protect my lungs from allergens when they're compromised, and it was a brilliant idea! I hate wearing surgical masks because of the glasses issue, but it really does help.

      I wish I'd caught it on video, but at one point she stopped, head and tail up, and gave a huge loud blast. She reminded me of Ashke in your videos of him playing in the snow-covered arena with Cali! It was exactly the same sound and gesture!

      Indeed: YAY for ALL partners who support our love of horses!

  4. Glad you were able to get out and I think its hilarious when they act sassy to certain people :P

  5. Glad you're feeling better! How sweet that Charles went with you! I'm starting to think I have proof of alien life with my bf. He LOVES barn time and always goes with me. He can't be from this planet. He is my best barn buddy.

    What a cute video!!!

    1. Your bf is pretty awesome! I'm so happy for you that you've found someone like him! :D Charles loves horses; he actually gave me the dollar that I paid for Lily's bill of sale just so he could say that he'd gotten me a horse for my birthday. :) When I leave for the barn, he always says, "Give Lily a kiss on the nose for me." He was the first man she trusted. In the beginning she'd flinch from the touch of any other guy. Not Charles. He enjoys being around horses (he'll ride too, and has ridden with me in the past when I had access to a suitable mount for him) but he doesn't go to the barn more often right now because of his work schedule (he works overnights during the week, which often means he's sleeping when I'm at the barn) and because he is REALLY allergic to something in the equine environment. He has to take 3 different meds to make it out to the barn with me, but there's no guarantee they'll work. Barn visits often end up anyway with him sneezing uncontrollably for hours and are sometimes accompanied by an asthma attack. Thankfully this visit was not one of those! :) I think his allergies are specific to the hay and the dust inside the barn, not the horses themselves. But I am extra grateful whenever he comes out with me, as I know how awful it can be for him after, and he still comes anyway. So maybe both yours and mine are proof that alien life exists. ;)