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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WW: Photos by Kathy

Here are the photos from Sunday. :) We went up and down the hill a total of 6 times; Kathy's lens is a super telephoto: purchased specifically for its ability to photograph moving objects from afar in rapid succession while maintaining a sharp focus. The photos are gorgeous. This was the same lens used for photographing the barn parade.
*And yes, in preparation for the warmer temps we've been having, I did remove more of Lily's hair. She barely broke a sweat on this day.

I seriously need to work on my two-point and lowering my heels! This was me consciously shoving my heels down.
I'm just going to blame the snow boots. Otherwise, I love this photo!

This was the closest she came to a gallop; it was our before-last set.
Video taken with my cell phone of the last canter set up the hill. On a normal day, we go farther, past the spot where I whoa her in this video (not a huge difference distance-wise; maybe 5-6 more canter strides). But the footing was really slimy under those trees, so we were ending our canter sets before arriving at that point to avoid any possible slipping.


  1. You look so happy and Lily looks awesome. Heels down is overrated. Or so I've heard. And at least you can do a two-point.

    I wish I had a hill with that type of footing to gallop up, maybe Ashke and I would work through our issues that way.

    1. Thank you Karen! You'll be able to two-point, too, as your core gets stronger and stronger. :) And your trails around your barn are pretty awesome too!

  2. Great photos! That saddle/seat cover looks so comfortable :)

  3. Looks lovely! Totally jealous of your little hill, too - looks like fun.

    Boots definitely make a difference with heels.. my tall boots have my heels dropping enough that I've shortened my stirrups a hole before, whereas my regular hiking boots/Terrains? Not so much.

    1. Thank you, Figure! Totally agree on the tall boots. Hopefully having winter tall boots now will help with the heels down issue.