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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Karen's Browbands

Are any of you out there looking for unique, one-of-a-kind browbands for your horses? If so, you should definitely check out Karen's browbands.  These are better than bling! They are custom-made based on your horse's browband measurements and your color preferences. 

These are the ones that she has made for Lily:

The parts that appear white in the photo are actually silver. 

Karen had originally wanted to do a browband with Caribbean flair but it wasn't quite coming out the way she'd originally planned. We talked about the design of Ashke's previous browband, which I really liked, and I mentioned that I love everything Apache; it's my favorite Native American tribe. So Karen made the browband above based on an Apache design. It's a beautiful browband. My favorite part is the center triangle; it positively vibrates with color! She based the colors off of my colors (shades of blue, black, white/silver and orange.)

Now the second browband:

The two browbands are as different as can be and I absolutely love both, but man, this one is just breathtaking. Photos do NOT do it justice! The beads are all metallic in color and shine iridescent in the light.
Karen's snowcapped mountains. The browband illustrates a sequence of the sun rising and setting behind them.
It is beautiful beyond words!!

Thank you Karen for two stunning browbands!


  1. Those are seriously works of art!

    1. They are! Karen has an amazing talent!

  2. Wow! What talent! Those are amazing and look great on Lily

  3. Thanks Saiph. It does look amazing on her, and I love the mountain range. All of the beads are silver lined, so they really pop in the sunlight. I wanted to give you two completely different looks, because it's fun!

    And the portrait of Ashke is breathtaking.

    1. I need to make you a second portrait. ;) And I'm just going to get a second kimberwick bit so I can alternate bridles whenever I want. Lol Thank you so much Karen!