"And, when you want something, the entire Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." -The Alchemist, by Paulo Coehlo

Friday, March 14, 2014

Return of the Green

After 6 solid months of cold weather and brown starkness, green might just turn into my favorite color...

Sod fields today!
It was a gorgeous day today: sunny and in the 50's by the time the afternoon rolled around. Kathy and I went on a long 10 mile trail ride. Lily didn't get the memo saying that it was supposed to be done at a walk...she basically jigged for the entire 10 miles, which we completed in 2 hours and 41 minutes. She was chomping on the bit the entire time. Bad combination of being in her first real heat since the beginning of the winter + a full moon. She wasn't spooky, just FORWARD. She was actually pretty good overall, other than the one rear/dance that she did on the way back when she couldn't take it anymore. She had one of those spazz-out moments where she wanted to go fast, but instead of lengthening her stride, she just got shorter and shorter, bottling up her energy. And then she got really upset over a building on top of the nearest hill (which she's only seen 5 bajillion times). I knew what was coming so I sent her trotting off sideways to keep her from trying to go up or down, but Lily went, "AAAAAAH! Too much energy! MUST EXPLODE!" and managed to pop up into a pretty decent rear. I leaned forward and she came back down. She stopped for a split second, all 4 feet on the ground, long enough for me to get my feet back into the stirrups and spin her around before she could even think of repeating that stunt. GRRR...

I turned Lily away from home, told Kathy, "I'll be right back," and galloped Lily back up the dirt road..this kind of calmed her down. Kind of. Kathy said the whole thing looked so cool: she said Lily reared like Tornado, El Zorro's horse, and then I calmly turned her around and we galloped away like we were off to save some lives. I had to laugh when seeing the whole thing that way. :) I'd been pretty mad at the goofball mare over the whole thing up until that point.

Other than that, we had a lovely ride, going up to Four Corners, turning right at the intersection and following the path through the sod fields.

Kathy and Queenie
At the end of the path there is a small parking lot and a park access road. We were in an adventure-ing kind of mood, so Kathy and I decided to just follow the dirt road. It eventually led into a residential area of large houses with lots of land. One of the houses has a small barn on 5 acres and is for sale; we discovered a bridle path that went around that property and we followed the path up to where it dead-ended. We then turned around and headed back towards Four Corners.

The dirt road to the residential area
We deviated one more time, following the opposite road from Four Corners to see where it went. The route we took led us along the sod fields in this direction. We eventually found where it looped back and officially began our way home.

"If you can't go forward quietly in a straight line, we're going forward in a sideways fashion."
 A brief moment of calm!
We mostly walked (Lily jigged), with some trotting over the smoother flat portions of land (Kathy successfully got Queenie to gait several times!) and even cantered up several hills. My favorite part of the entire ride was when, after cantering up the first hill, I turned around to check on Kathy and discovered her grinning from ear to ear like a little kid; "That was so much FUN!" she exclaimed. It was an awesome ride.

Bridle path back to the barn.
Almost home.
Lily broke a sweat, but she still had energy for days...

Mare, why you so silly??


  1. It's got to be the full moon, because Ashke was afraid of his own stirrups today.

    Nice looking ride.

    1. More proof that animals are indeed affected by the full moon! :) I hope he was calmer today.

  2. Love reading your stories! Yes, I agree, full moon syndrome!!

    1. Haha Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy them! :D

  3. sometimes they just need a good gallop.