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Monday, March 24, 2014

More Epicness: Adventures with Liz & Co, Part I - The Arrival

On Thursday of last week, I took the evening off from work so I could meet Liz, Mike, Q and Kenai when they arrived at my barn. I'd made arrangements with my BO; Q would be able to board with us for the weekend!

My vet was coming to the barn to do vaccines and I wanted to be there to get Lily from the field and ask Dr. L a couple of questions. This involved waking up at 8:00 am (after going to bed at 4:00 am - I worked the night before. Ouch!), as the vet would be at the barn around 8:30. Thankfully she was running late. I got Lily from the field, she had her spring shots, and I was able to ask about the Virginia 6-month equine interstate event health certificate. (This will come up at a later post.) Since by then I was wide awake and already at the barn, I took the opportunity to do a dressage school in the arena with Lily. We did a lot of t/c with a titch of lateral work thrown in. There was a nonstop 20 mph wind blowing the entire time I was riding...Lily was surprisingly good despite the wind, thanks to having let her run around the arena at liberty for a good 10 minutes prior to getting on!

Liz and Co. arrived around 10 pm. BO had set up a stall for Q in the boarder barn and everything was ready for her arrival.

Q modeling her Horze cooler
Q seemed a little shell-shocked when first placed in the stall; she's used to being outside 24/7 and this was a big change for her. We removed her leg wraps and Liz decided to set her free in the arena to let her stretch her legs after the 4+ hour trailer ride from WV.

The two minis were in their dry lot between the main barn and the arena. One is a black colt and the other one is a white filly and they are very confident, fearless little critters that love other horses. The problem is that full-sized horses are often intimidated by both of them at first sight. Especially the filly. Something about all that fuzzy whiteness. Even Lily, who in FL used to be stalled across from 4 minis and shared her turnout with one of them, went bug-eyed when she first saw this pair upon arriving at our current barn. We've been at this barn for 7 months now and she'll still give the white filly the hairy eyeball if we're riding in the arena and the little girl is sticking her nose out through the fence.

So it was no surprise that this was Q's reaction:

"What. The. F..."
Liz got her to trot around in both directions and stretch her legs. The rectangular space was also a different concept for her, as Q is used to being worked at liberty in a round pen. She kept getting occasionally stuck in the corners, especially the corner where Mike was standing. :) She adores him!

After about 10-15 minutes, Liz brought Q back into her stall and she started eating her hay. She seemed more at ease than when she first arrived. Once Q was settled in and comfortable, we all drove back to Charles's and my apartment. I had made pollo en escabeche (a sort of marinated chicken salad; I use my mom's recipe. The recipes on the interwebz are similar but not quite the same) as a light snack to go with crackers and beer.

After about an hour of nonstop talking, in which I got to really meet Mike for the first time and catch up with Liz, we called it a day. The plan was to wake up early-ish the next morning so we could do Lots of Stuff.

More to follow!


  1. Death to minis. (Not really though. THEY"RE SO CUTE.)

  2. I love the bit about the minis:) Nimo adores minis and he would always try to convince one of the mares at a barn we boarded at to give home some love. And every time, she would come up to the fence and try to kick the crap out of him. It was so comical to watch, especially because Nimo would look so confused...

    1. The mental picture of Nimo with a mini is almost too cute to handle! That must have been adorable to see (when the little mini mare wasn't trying to kick him!)

  3. I had a mare stay with me for training in 2012. She had never seen a mini. The two at my barn take their job as official greeters and equine companions very seriously. The mare kept staring at them like, "You SMELL like horses, but I'm not convinced..."