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Sunday, June 14, 2015

All the Things in Photos

A lot has been going on lately so have a photographic update of everything so far. :)

"7 miles in 40 minutes? That ain't nothin' guys."
All the shiny muscles.
Hanging out in the run-in. Note the front white stockings of Mecca, the chestnut TB mare that welcomed them into the herd the second day after our arrival. :)
Meesha barn kitty.
"I am adorbs. You must pet NAO."


"I will rub against you and yell at you until you pet."
The river that runs through the property, as seen when going over the one-lane bridge to the barn.
Last rep during gallop sets. She was more cantering by this one.
Still a ton of fun. And she looks happy. :)
"Is Gracie still there?"
Yes she is, Lily. Now clean up that mess of grain you made on the floor.
"Okay, I will."
"I'm eating it ALL, see?"
Good girl.
(I love omeprazole. She's back to her normal appetite after finishing her ulcer treatment.
It now takes her 15 minutes to finish her grain vs 40!)

If you like spicy and you like beer, you need to try this.
Siracha Pale Ale by Flying Dog. I'm not a fan of spicy, but this is amazing.
Half asleep while finishing tacking up.
I just want to smooch her.

Because Maryland is horse country.
Horseshoe above the door at the mechanic's. :)
Feed time before I head into work. The barn is so conveniently en route so why not?
They're both getting mashes now.
So this sometimes happens...

He was putting Swat around her eyes.
You can't really see it here, but she's wearing the S-hack with the thinner Hought noseband I got for her in green!
Because Gracie. <- If you haven't read that post, you must! It is hilarious, and the reason why G-Mare has kept her name! She is a total Gracie.

I get instructions for oral, IM and IV dosing. :D Because vet tech.
Dr. L threw in a million syringes and needles of different sizes so I could do whatever dosing I preferred. 
I've been doing 0.5 ml IV because G-Mare is THE BEST at injections and also because it's the smallest dose of all.
It's just enough to take the edge off when she wants to go-go-go on our short rides. I'm hoping to be able to D/C the ace  altogether once we can start adding a little more time to our rides next weekend: Friday will be 2 weeks since her injections.

I upgraded Lily to a mechanical hackamore. I did not like the S-hack on her: it seemed to never lie quietly on her face without having to crank the curb chain tight, so it jiggled constantly because I didn't want to crank the curb chain. She was always more nervous while wearing it. So G-Mare gets the S-hack (as seen in previous photo) and Lily gets this one. She is doing SO WELL in it! I forget she's not wearing a bit, and she's much more willing to eat and drink on trail. Win!
Since this was just our second dressage school since...November? because it's the first time we've had a proper arena to practice in since September, I'm going to do what Marissa did in this post and just point out everything I like about these photos instead of criticizing what I don't like.
Who says you need a bit to dressage?? She was wearing the hackamore!
Relaxed and engaged.
I love the reach of her inside hind here: that leg is coming up even with her girth.

Super collected little canter.

Me sitting up straight for once.

 I just like this photo.

It is good to consistently be able to see the full underside of Gracie's hind hooves when observing her move from behind. She is walking here, but she has an awesome spring in her step at both the trot and her gait that she has never had before. Lots of ground clearance, no more hind end tripping!
She's also doing a lot more heel-first landings with that right front.

Going downhill on the trail that loops around the landfill project on property.

No more tightrope walking either!
(Crappy video but if you watch her hind sock you can see that she's stepping straight.)

Small bridge. Also on property.
All the draft geldings at the top of this hill! They have their own pasture.
Tree tunnel that connects to the trails.
Mowed hayfield. It smells amazing! We are allowed to ride around them. During one such adventure, a black snake (non-venomous) slithered out of the grass right underneath Lily's hooves as she was trotting along. Lily and I both saw it at the same time. I gasped at the same time as Lily leaped with all 4 feet straight up into the air to avoid stepping on the snake, landed and continued trotting along as if nothing had happened. She totally could have taken advantage of that moment and bolted or some other such nonsense, but she didn't.  Charles was riding behind us and saw the whole thing. He said Lily and I both reacted the same way at the same time. And because we were all okay, I found the whole thing hysterically funny and leaned forward and hugged Lily's neck in thanks as she continued trotting along merrily.
Crossing the hay field towards the barn. The green roof in the distance is the barn.
View of other fields. The arena is behind the tall tree in the forefront.
Napping while drying off after a bath.
On the bridle path. Tail swishing at flies.
Good mare.
Electrolyte mash after our ride. I serve it extra soupy for Gracie since she only gets a small amount of ration balancer.
She likes to drink all of the liquid before she eats the mash itself.
MUCH improved hind leg stance.
She used to stand like a ballerina in third position.
New barn, new chestnut groupie for Gracie. (At the previous barn there was a chestnut TB filly that always followed her around.) This is not Mecca the TB; it's a little QH mare whose name I think is EZ.
Happy mares coming up to say hi in the field.
Moar food. Taken by Charles on a day he went to feed them.
"I finished my mash..."
"...I nap now."
One of many bridle charms in my possession, all made by Beka from her Straight Shot Metal Smashing shop.
Let me tell you: they are an absolute steal at the price she sells them for; they are lovely works of art. Her attention to detail is impeccable!
There will be a whole separate post on mine; they are that beautiful!


  1. Lovely photo update! I think the dressage pics are my favorite, you two seem really in sync with eachother :)

  2. Glad to see everyone doing well and settling in nicely at the new place (: And that bridle charm is so lovely! I'd love to get one for my girl

    1. They are beautiful! Here is the link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/StraightShotMetal?ref=l2-shopheader-name

  3. Great photos! Happy that everyone is doing well at the new place!

  4. Both of your girls are looking awesome!!

  5. You and Lily seem to always be of one mind. You have a true partnership with that mare and it is lovely to read about and see.

    1. Sara, your comment made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. :) Thank you!

  6. interesting use of that 'extra' noseband on the mechanical hackamore. i can see how that would really help keep all the pieces in place

    1. It took me a minute to figure out what you meant! Lol She has a halter-bridle and the hackamore and bit clip onto it. The bit and hack have their own set of bit hangers (straps with clips) that attach to the cavesson of the halter-bridle, going *over* the cavesson (the halter noseband is underneath, though it does look like it's on top in the photo.) It's an endurance thing. :) Makes it easy to just remove the bit for the horse to eat at the vet checks when you're short on time, without having to remove the entire bridle. It's amazing what a difference such a simple thing can make! :)

    2. gotcha - that actually makes more sense and i've seen those clip on pieces before too (a friend uses the same set up for her horse). i've been trying to use a mechanical hackamore on my mare for fun trail rides but have had issues with the cheek pieces going into her eyes when the reins are activated. your clip on pieces look like they would fix that problem.

  7. I think I need to try that beer