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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kind of Wordless Wednesday Again

The in-laws have been in town visiting from FL, so I've only been in & out at the barn. Here are some photos of our latest adventures:

We went up to Maryland because the in-laws wanted to see the barn. It was a super foggy and chilly day. That's Lily in the light blue sheet in the center of this photo.

Afterwards, we stopped by the Agricultural History Farm. This is Charles "sliding" down the  hand rail of the stairs to the gardeners' section. It's all dried out now, but it looks like it will be gorgeous come spring.

Farm buildings. Charles's dad decided to go up the gravel driveway, despite the sign...

Field across from the farm buildings. There is a  creepy dried-out scarecrow at the top of the little hill.

Close-up of the scarecrow. Yes, it has antlers.

Track around the cornfield I've been telling you guys about.
Charles's dad also thought it would be fun to do some off-roading, period. *lol* This is the track around the cornfield, as seen from a car! Good thing the rental car was a 4 wheel drive SUV... Charles's sense of adventure is definitely inherited...

Road to Baltimore.

The bridge disappeared into the fog.

The tops of the buildings also disappeared into the clouds...

At John Hopkins

Sailboat in the bay.

The aquarium.

Inside the awesome Power Plant Barnes & Noble

Thickening fog.

What the Barnes & Noble looked like from the outside.

Little Santa cabin.

Ripley's dragon.

Sailboat in the fog.

Charles and me

City in the sleet

We also went to Annapolis, and I got mad because I forgot my camera at home! Charles and I both thought Baltimore was beautiful-we had never seen anything like it. And Annapolis was an adorable little town, but kind of depressing in the off-season. I'd like to go back in the summer to see it at its best.

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