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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kind of Wordless Wednesday...

Ok, so I'm a copycat again. :) But so many pics-have to post them all! And I must describe them. Plus these are really good ones-Charles has finally gotten the hang of taking action riding shots, without getting me each time in that awkward "up"-most moment of the post, or the few instances when Lily inverts, or when her front feet are landing at the canter and walk, making her look heavy on the forehand...that, and Lily just looks plain awesome. She's come so far!!

The minute I got on, she turned into an absolute BRAT!! Tossing her head, jumpy, skittish-she felt like she was going to leap out from under me! It's my fault though-with my crazy work schedule I hadn't been able to get out to the barn in 3 days, and she resented being taken away from her friends.

I got off, put on her rope halter and got my lunge line, and just let her loose on the lunge to do as she pleased. She galloped around, did some bycicles in the air, and then settled down into a canter.

All settled down. I had her come down to a walk and then we did some groundwork-shoulder-in, haunches-in, backing up, and step & twirl, until she was 100% calm and listening.

Walking back to the mounting block.

More put-together walk after our initial walk on a loose rein. This and the following photo are some of the best of her at the walk caught on camera yet!

We were initiating a slight shoulder-fore here.

A nice, relaxed leg-yield.

Warm-up trot on a loose rein.

I love how her self-carriage has improved!

Still at a relaxed trot

Warm-up canter

Collected trot with haunches-in

Up the bridge!

Down the bridge!

Medium trot

Initiating leg yield at the trot

Leg yield at the trot. SO much more relaxed and willing than 6 months ago!

Counter shoulder-in at the trot.

Taking a break to streeeetch!

Snuggling with our photographer :)


A relaxed hunter-type frame.

Leg yielding to the left. This is my new FB profile pic. LOVE this photo!

 I was trying to encourage her into a stretchy trot. I just love this photo-something about Lily's expession-, and am seriously debating using this one for the banner here instead. Votes?

I can't get over how much her canter has changed!

Really like this photo too. Lily was going at a nice forward trot, which is why I was grinning. :) Except I'm SO crooked!! I tend to sit slightly more to the left on a normal basis, because that is the side that got injured a long time ago, but I think I was also compensating more because of my smashed right foot. Didn't even notice during the ride. :/ Lily worked so good despite this...

She's looking sooo much like a Spanish horse nowadays

More leg yields. Yes, we did them in both directions; Charles just happened to get most  of the ones to the right!

A more forward canter. She still sometimes gets claustrophobic if I try to collect her for too long at the canter, so here I was letting her lengthen by riding in a 3-point seat.

Her snappy trot after cantering. She really is starting to look more and more Andalusian...

Zooming around.

Shoulder -in at the CANTER! Evidence! :D And yes, I'm really crooked in this one.

To be continued...there's more!

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  1. You've got a great photographer! She is looking good, and I do like the stretchy trot photo.