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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More photos


Good girl!

We untacked, and went for a walk in the woods. I hadn't been able to show Charles the trails yet, and I wanted him to see. Plus, Tina and I had a trail ride scheduled for 2 days from this day, and I wanted to practice the ditches before we rode.

Beginning of the trail.

First ditch. Lily was a little hesitant initially...

...but she obliged when I sent her across! We practiced this a few times.

Yup, my mare is awesome. :)

The second ditch. Charles was at the bottom when he took this photo. You can see how steep it is! Note Lily's look of "Oh, hell no!" *lol*

It was muddier than last time, which predictably caused some concern on Lily's part. I asked her to wait, then made my way halfway down the ditch.

Halfway down, I call her, "Come on." Lily says, "Okay."

2nd attempt: Lily tries to figure out the best route for crossing the ditch with me already on the opposite side.

3rd attempt: she goes on her own when I send her. :D
All done for today

Winter is definetely here.

Sweet girl




  1. Love seeing you working on the trails in hand with her :)

  2. Oh yes! She was the one that taught me how big of a difference that can make later on! Plus I get to hike while taking her for a stroll. :D