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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Slushy Snow!

I've been a bad blogger lately-I have all of these things I want to write about in my head, but once I'm home, I never get around to it. I did come down with a cold after all, which has gone straight to my chest, and I'm on day 5 of nonstop coughing. UGH! I went to the doctor on the 24th, and she told me I had to ride this one out...um, yeah, except on the 31st we were supposed to drive to New York for New Year's, and the forecast is saying it's going to be 19 degrees that night. If I'm still sick of course we'll stay home, but we already paid for tickets to a party up there and we'd hate to lose the money. I'm going back to the doctor today. So no riding this week either-exertion always makes this kind of cold worse for me. We did stop by the barn yesterday because I wanted to see my girl on Christmas and all of the forecasts agreed the weather was going to be bad today. I pulled up my turtleneck over my nose and mouth so I could curry the Maryland mud off of Lily's neck without having the resulting dust give me another cough attack. The rest of her was nice and clean and sleek under her stable blanket and turnout sheet. It had been almost 50 leaving the apartment, and it was in the 40's when we arrived at the barn, so we were very surprised when we saw this:

For me, this was really up there with seeing a unicorn pop out of the barn. *lol* I gasped, "It's snow!!" Charles kept saying it was ice, I insisted it was snow. We asked BQ. It was snow. Isn't it funny how new we are to this? *lol* I've experienced this before, and despite it having been so, so long ago (I was 5 years old!)  my memory of my first snow in San Antonio, TX is still very vivid. (Snow in San Antonio was almost on the same scale as seeing fairies while hiking in the woods...2 years ago it actually snowed again there for the first time since that time when we lived there!) Of course it was maybe 6 to 12 inches total, and then after a week, it looked like the slushy stuff above, so I had seen it like this. Charles has experienced blizzards on previous road trips to NY and Massachussetts, so he's seen the other end of the spectrum when it comes to snow. During one epic trip, him and his friends had to dig their friend's car out!

Today we woke up, and we have the same slushy snow outside of our apartment windows! When we've gone out, we've continued to overhear how this kind of event is not very common at this time of the year here in the DC metro area. BQ had told us to stay home today, as it was supposed to be really icy in Maryland. Hopefully I'm feeling better tomorrow and can go up and actually ride my mare... I know it's normal to give them time off during this time of the year when you live in an area with a real winter, but I just hate losing all of the muscle that it took so long to put on her. She hasn't lost weight, but she has is definitely looking more streamlined. I hope to be able to start riding her at least 4 days a week come January-my work schedule will change then: I will still be working Friday through Sunday, but from 6am to 6pm. Yes, brutal, I know. But on Fridays it means I actually have time to work with Lily while waiting for traffic to go down.

Here are some photos of my shaggy mare that I've finally uploaded from my phone to the computer:

Right after getting her from the field, on a day after it had rained.  This photo is maybe 2-3 weeks old-it was when I first noticed she was just starting to get a winter coat.

Fuzzy and shiny! We use Omega Horseshine.

Last week. She's gotten even shaggier since then, especially on her neck which is always exposed, and just in time, too!

Happy holidays to everyone! Stay safe and warm, and thanks for reading!

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