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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dressage Apocalypse

On Horse Nation today:

"Oh Crap" Moment of the Day: Dressage Apocalypse

Excerpt from the post:

"This Russian rider’s freestyle begins pleasantly enough–you can actually hear some birds tweeting in the background. Then the ominous music kicks in, the wind picks up, the sky darkens, and it begins to thunder. Then rain, then monsoon, then… dun-dun-duuuuun.
Nonetheless, the show must go on!"

It is dangerous to continue a show, never mind the test, in a situation like this. The show should have been stopped with weather conditions like that. Shame on the show staff for continuing. But who knows what kind of show this was. It's an upper level test. What if they were trying to qualify for the Olympics? What if they had been training for years and years to get to this specific show? I'm just glad nothing happened to either horse or rider.

Gotta say it: that is one bombproof horse. He keeps going with ears pricked like nothing is happening. Total trust in his rider. I hope they won that show by default, seriously. And it was good to see the well-deserved pat that the rider gives her horse at the end.


  1. I got stuck in a hail storm on a trail ride last year. The horses handled it beautifully, but I felt SO guilty they had to go through it. NO WAY they should have kept that test going. No test is worth risking horse and rider.

  2. Wowza... Alex couldn't even concentrate with a little wind today... he'd leave the ring if that happened :-)