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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Three Wise Women

aka our barn's new Christmas parade!

Yesterday was Kathy's birthday. There is a town in Maryland called Lisbon that holds a Christmas parade every year, where local horse people are encouraged to bring their steeds. Kathy wanted to go last year but Queenie was not doing well health-wise. This year, Kathy and Phoebe had been excitedly preparing for it for weeks, and were majorly bummed when the entire parade was cancelled due to bad weather.

So they decided to host their own parade at our barn, and what better date to do it than on Kathy's birthday! Since starting this weekend I finally have weekends off at work (YAY!!) I was invited to participate too.

It was only us three. Since I was working on the date when the Lisbon parade was originally going to be held, I didn't have an awesome costume prepared like Phoebe and Kathy did; I simply got Lily dressed up in wintery blue and white gear (it would have been an Ice Queen theme if I'd had a cloak and more appropriate decorations) with lots of jingle bells (attached to her girth), and Phoebe let me borrow Deja's rhythm beads (I may need to get my own...the sound they make is lovely!) for the occasion.

Many thanks to Sally for taking such beautiful photos of us!

See? Told you she can ground tie. :p
I was helping Phoebe with a chap snafu and since Deja doesn't like other horses to get too close to her,
I just let Lily stand; I figured she wouldn't go anywhere.
Sally has a great eye; she caught the moment.

Yes, we did the no safety gear thing for this photo shoot. I think this is the first time I've been on Lily without a helmet...
Yup, Sally did have to tell me to relax! Haha...
I want to print and frame this one...
Phoebe was totally working her costume. <3
Kathy leading the parade on Queenie.
FYI: she made that saddle pad herself. She is a pro at DIY.

Riding up the driveway.
If I'd had the blue cloak, we really would have resembled the Three Wise Women.
You know, like the Three Wise Men that went to visit baby Jesus in the story.

Kathy BEAMING! <3

Love this one of Phoebe grinning away with Deja.

Our BO's husband along with Rolando and his nephew all stood and clapped as we walked by. The horses in the fields were our audience. 

A lovely photo of Kara, the baby Icelandic (she's 3 years old), watching as we walked by.
It was a lot of fun, but Kathy said that she still wants to go to a REAL parade with Queenie! 
Maybe for the 4th of July. We shall see!


  1. Fun! I love the blue on her, it looks really good.

  2. That's an awesome photo!! What a great and fun thing. You would have totally rocked the cape and Ice Queen. Lily looks like she enjoyed herself and your grin is fabulous!

    1. Thank you Karen! My mom and the aunts were so excited about the photos that they want to make me the cape for next year...it will be awesome!!

  3. Great photos!!!! Love them. Also love that you and Lily have gotten so close in the last year. The trust between you two shows in the photos.