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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Snaps: Zombie Spam

Because I haven't posted any Zombie pics in a while... :)

For newer readers, you can find Zombie's story here. As a kitten he died during the amputation of his rotten hind leg and came back to life. Hence the name Zombie.

Zombie and Aengus are never far apart. I belong to Aengus, Charles belongs to Zombie.
Aengus's story is here; he's the tabby, Zombie is the tuxedo.
Because cat yawns are the most hilarious thing ever...
I love that they're both in the same pose!
"I am 3/4s of a cat! See?"
Bathtub Zombie. He loves rolling around in there. Weirdo.
Clean saddle pads make a comfy cat bed.
Aengus giving Zombie swishy play-angry tail
"I will eat your remaining hind leg! Gimme!"
Zombie can outrun and outkick Aengus. With 3 legs.

Yup, he adores Charles.
He is very sweet with me too, but Charles is most definitely his favorite.
What would he be dreaming of?
Brains, obviously.
"Aren't I the cutest Zombie cat?"

Why yes, yes you are, Zombie!


  1. Ahh too cute! Love that they're so playful!

  2. Yup totally agreed, pets choose their people and not the other way around!

  3. Thanks guys! Zombie adores his fans. ;)