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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

WW: Proof!

Another dose of G-Mare for you guys. Photos taken on Sunday. And not really wordless. #sorrynotsorry ;)

She was gaiting on the longe.
This is the famous outdoor arena. The fence behind it is one of the fields, not part of the arena. The arena itself is not enclosed. 
Dat trot! Fierce mare is fierce!
And she still has an eye and an ear on me.
Bareback and in the halter. And I look puny on her. She's somewhere between 15 and 15.1 hh, about the same as Lily. She just takes up more leg. And I totally suck at hopping up bareback: I use one of the picnic benches by the outdoor. :)
Relaxed mare.
Big grin :)

Side pass. Charles had a hard time snagging a photo of her crossing her legs.
This is so much easier bareback. Ignore the exaggerated leg cues and appreciate the fact that I'm actually centered over my horse while asking for this!
She was totally smiling in this photo.
Always the ear flicked back. We were doing a very slow gait here.

More slow gait.

Awkward phase of her faster singlefoot gait.
Love this one. I had just asked her to back up with my seat and had her halt as a reward. I dismounted after.
So proud of this horse!

I'd been trying to get pics of views of the mare field after setting Lily free, and Gracie just walked over to hang out with me. Of course my phone died during the attempt.

And she just stayed there.  Just cuz. Not because I had food or treats or anything special; just because it was me.
Charles took this pic and then Gracie went over to hang out with him.
I think she likes us. :)


  1. cute! for some reason i actually thought she was much shorter than Lily - but i guess not? also - i feel your pain re: trying to get on bareback. spectators literally double over in laughter whenever i do it (completely gracelessly, obvi) haha

    1. I think it might be because she looks tiny when Charles is riding her. He's 6'1"! :)

      And glad I'm not the only one that has trouble getting on bareback. Even when I had a smaller horse I still had a hard time! Haha tree stumps, fences, chairs, large rocks were all fair game as mounting blocks.

  2. Beautiful pics, you both look like you're enjoying yourselves so much :)

  3. Gracie looks amazing! Hard to believe it's the same horse that was once overweight and out of shape!

  4. Lovely photos! :) I can't wait until it's warm where I live!

    1. I hope it warms up for you very very soon!

  5. She's so beautiful! I just love the color of her forelock -- the ombre look is in! haha

    1. Hahaha that's what I've been saying too! :D She's a total trendsetter! Wait until her mane bleaches out more later in the summer: it is SO the ombre look!

  6. Epic trail! I love you, your husband, and both your mares :) So perfect together.

    1. Thank you Dom! I love you too! :D