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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Horse Personality Quiz

I saw a post on this quiz over at A Horse and a Half and decided to try it out. The description of Lily is spot-on! She came back as The People Pleaser Horse. Check it out:

"Soft, sensitive, and very sweet describes this horse that will try and try to please you. They like to be told exactly what you want and then have you help them perform it. This is not your go-it-alone type of horse. They need you for support and can get very rattled if expectations are too high. This horse is in your life for the relationship."

That's her, all right! Pretty impressive, especially considering the quiz is only 24 questions. If you want to take the test to see what your horse is, go here


  1. Ozzy came back as the 'goddess'. Wrong sex! Haha. Accurate description though.

  2. I took that too! My horse is a diva, lol.

    1. Sounds like they need to modify it to take into account the horse's sex! Lol