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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Snaps: Spring at the Barn

Just some photos from around the barn.

This wasn't really at the barn. It was a hill of dry grass, permanently bent by the wind/rain/snow, that both Charles and I thought really cool.
It just reminded me of running water.
Road to the barn. In real life, it looks like something out of a picture book.
This is a weeping cherry tree (had to look up the name!). I've never seen anything like these before; I LOVE them!! 
Entrance to one of the barn neighbors' house. Look at those trees!

Barn parking lot. This has come alive in 4 days. The trees on the left were bare on Monday night.
Flowers blooming under the pine trees by the parking lot

Cherry blossoms by the trail head

Paddocks, all green!
Clarence, Lily's paddock buddy while Jez is on stall rest. See what I mean about his star and stripe? Looks like Lily's.
Jez, looking pretty after one of her walks.

Jez saying hi to Lily and Clarence.

All 3 of them were part of the same little group in the big field.

Photos from Lily's most recent lunge session. The horses had all been indoors due to thunderstorms earlier in the day, so I worked her on one of the hills in the big field. She was sound in the slightly soft, damp footing. We did walk-trot-canter-halt sets:

She wanted to canter forever.
LOVE the misting of green over the trees in the forest beyond the barn!!


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    1. Thank you! It's so gorgeous around here lately that even the crappy cell phone pics look good! lol

  2. Those grasses really do look like running water, and beautiful cherry blossoms :)