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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Naughty, Naughty Mare

Towards the end of my shift at work yesterday, I heard from Sally.

Jez had bucked her off while going over a small jump, and Sally had ended up in the ER with a painful back and one definitely broken finger-her middle finger on her right hand was pointing sideways. They did a CT scan, and her back and organs were confirmed to be okay. By the time I finally got out of work and was able to call her, Sally was getting her hand radiographed and was almost done at the hospital. She couldn't pick up the phone, but she texted. I called BQ in the meantime, who had gone to the hospital with her, and got a full update as to what had happened. Sally then called when she was done. As it turns out, she will need to have surgery done on her finger to fully fix it-it needs a pin placed, but it can wait until she sees an orthopedic surgeon. She was sent home after the finger was temporarily set, on some pretty hard core painkillers. 

"I think my horse needs more training. What do you think?" she said on the phone, laughing. She was actually able to laugh about the whole thing. I was enlisted to ride Jez more frequently while Sally recovers. I have pulled my surcingle and side reins out of the storage bin, and have some exercises in mind to supplement the riding. If Sally wants to jump, we'll get Jez there, but I want to work more on getting Jezebel balanced and solid on the flat and over grids at walk/trot/canter. It will be good conditioning work for her regardless. 

Naughty mare! BQ says she must have had a case of spring fever. Apparently all of the horses were amped up when they were turned out yesterday. We'll see what mental state the two girls are in today...

"But I can still haz treats, yes?"
One of Sally's pics of Jez from myexracer.com


  1. I just read her blog, and I'm glad she's going to be okay and that you are there to help with the mare while Sally is down and out!

    1. Thank you! She was very, very lucky! I learned about the head+fence part today...she really did break a fence rail with the back of her head, despite the helmet. The fence is solid wood. She has a big hematoma, but everything was fine on the CT, thankfully. She'll be having the surgery for her finger on Thursday.