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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jez Update!

I have to write about Lily's vet visit #2 with rads, but I'm waiting on one more phone call from the vet before I do, as it is a deciding factor in what comes next. We're really not in the clear yet as to surgery (ugh!) BUT...The good news is that her hoof is FINE!! 100% A-okay! The puncture wound is not deep at all, there are no pockets, no infection of the bone. Her coffin bone has healed since last year, and has clean and normal sharp edges, and she has SOLE. SO MUCH SOLE! Both hind hooves, actually! Dr. R is supposed to e-mail me the rads sometime today. I'm itching to post them here!

During vet visit #1, Jez was also looked at, and she has been cleared for tack walking. 20 minutes a day, up to 6 days a week. On days we can't ride, she needs to be hand walked.

Go read the full story on the Jezebel's exam on Sally's blog, My Ex Racer. :)

So yesterday before her first ride, Jez got aced...twice...

45 minutes after the first dose of ace. Does this mare look sedated to you? Haha...
Once she was nice and dopey, we tacked up and I hopped on. Sally had come to watch, and she was as excited as if it were herself riding her little mare for the first time in so long. :)

We started riding in the arena, but I could feel Jezebel's offness. I realized that the lameness both Sally and I had been feeling since February was never the stone bruise on the right front-it was the slight bobble of the right hind. So this really has been going on for awhile.

I'm glad we both followed our gut instincts and that the Powers that Be conspired in our favor so we could move both girls to a smaller paddock. These soft tissue injuries would be a lot worse if it hadn't been for that.

As the minutes ticked on while walking Jez in the outdoor, I was feeling her offness more and more. Sally had preferred we ride in a contained familiar space like the arena, so Jez wouldn't get any ideas. After 5 minutes, I insisted we ride in a paddock; I didn't like how she was feeling worse.

So I walked Jez over to hers and Lily's turnout, and we walked around in large circles for the next 15 minutes. She felt MUCH better on the harder ground. I might be acing her for the next couple of rides while she gets back into work if we're going to have to ride in the empty turnouts

Jezebel was a very good girl. At one point all 3 geldings in a neighboring paddock came galloping up the hill as Jez and I were walking in that direction, and I just turned her head to the side and held it there for a minute so her brain wouldn't lock in to the notion of running. Her sleepy eyes and ears focused on the very green grass on the ground. It was hysterical. She completely tuned out the galloping hooves, as her whole expression changed to "Ohhh...Nomz!!" and she lazily tried to pull her head down towards the grass.

Right at the 20 minute mark, the herd in the big field next door decided to stampede from upper to lower field. At that point, I swung off! Jez didn't even register the 30+ horses coming, she was too busy trying to sneak a bite of grass. So all in all, it was a successful first ride for Her Highness!


  1. Glad the hoof is okay! Anticipating your updates with the rest of the vet visit.

    1. Just posted it. Still waiting to hear from the specialist. :/