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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Quick Liz Visit

Friday was a busy, busy day!

Lily had no idea...
I met Kathy early at the barn. We wanted to try loading Lily and Queenie on her trailer to see how they would travel together, take them to the park across the street, go for a trail ride, load them up again, and return home.

We tacked up the horses with saddles and halters. Queenie went right on the little slant load trailer. Kathy locked the divider in and I had Lily hop on. It took her a second to figure it out: she is long enough that when she puts only her front feet up on the trailer, her head is almost even with the far wall! She needed some coaxing to encourage her to get her hind feet on. Once she did, we closed the door and off we went.

Red butt and brown butt

Lily's like, "WTF??"
The park is literally a minute's drive, but it was good practice for the horses. They were unloaded in a familiar place, and we went for what ended up being an hour-long ride. I took Kathy through one of the trails I'd seen while riding with Elena, but had not had the chance to explore yet. It was a beautiful trail, but I wasn't sure where it ended up. We came to a fork in the path and I let Lily choose. She looked to one path and the other, and chose to go left. So we went left.

"Really?? I get to choose the way??"
It worked. She took us through what ended up being the back loop of the same trail, returning us safely to the trailer.

We removed bridles, loosened girths, loaded the girls back on, and drove back to the barn. We had a great time, and Kathy and I agreed that we should do this more often!

I let Lily eat her grain in a stall while helping Kathy unload our stuff. Her and Phoebe were going to a judged trail ride the next day and she was going to go ahead and leave everything ready for the trip. I helped as much as I had time for, put Lily back out in her field, then took off. I was happy I got to meet Sally's beautiful new OTTB mare, Circe. You can read about her here.

This pretty redhead is hot stuff! If she looks familiar, it's because Circe is Jez's half sister. They have the same eyes.
Liz was arriving in the area to visit friends over the weekend and I had been added to her list. :)

She wanted to visit a tack shop to try on the Dublin Pinnacle boots and get a specific pair of Kerrits that she was looking for, and she wanted to do some quick shopping at a mall. This was all easily arranged.

Dublin Pinnacle boots
We met at our neighborhood grocery store and Liz followed me in her truck to our apartment parking lot. We dropped off Kenai in the apartment (the cats got put away. Kenai is great with cats, as we all know, but Aengus and Astarte are scared of dogs. Booo!) and off we went.

I had called the local tack shops in search of the Pinnacle boots. NO ONE had them, but they could be special ordered. I was assured by all of the tack shops that they had other Dublins that could be tried on to assess foot fit. So I picked the closest tack shop, Stablemates, and took Liz there. The store is located in Mt Airy, a very pretty MD country town, so Liz got to see the non-city part of Maryland that I love so much.

We got caught in the beginning of rush hour, so Liz also got to see some of my special Puertorrican Driving Skillz in the process, which was the main reason why I'd offered to drive: Liz hates driving in city traffic. I don't blame her! I hate it too, but you can be quite creative when you have a small car. Haha...

We made it to the tack shop in one piece. I had never been to Stablemates, but I will be returning: it is small but every nook and cranny is crammed with every possible piece of horsey equipment that you can imagine. They have a better breech/tights selection than the Chantilly Dover, to tell you the truth. They only had one pair of Dublin boots left in the entire store, which I was annoyed about (they had said they had different Dublin models available)...all Liz was able to tell was that she is NOT a size 7 in the boots. But she found the Kerrits she wanted, in her size, and the color she wanted! Score!

Back in the car. We were about 10-15 minutes from my barn, so Liz asked to go so she could meet Lily and take photos. The phone GPS wanted to take us through some insane route that was going to take half an hour to get to the barn. I detoured and got us there in a much timelier fashion.

We pulled Lily from the field. I tacked her up in the barn, and we had a quick awesome photo shoot.

Lily was going into peak heat: she was fine with being ridden a second time that day, but she was VERY distracted going into the arena, staring off at the broodmares on the neighbor's property in the distance. My heels are up in almost every photo as I asked her to bend around my inside leg in an attempt at bringing her attention back to me. Love the sheepskin saddle cover, but it does put more material between my leg and Lily's barrel, so I end up using a lot more heel vs leg to cue her.

Have a million photos from Liz's awesome Samsung Galaxy. Yes, these are cell phone pics!

She looks like a polo pony in this one.

"Oooohhh...horses in the distance!"

She was seriously spooking at a flat patch of sand, where Circe had rolled earlier.

Kinda sorta leg-yielding

Stretchy trot, kind of...

Much better!

This was our 4th time cantering under saddle since finishing rehab, and our first time cantering in an arena in over 5 months!

My absolute favorite of the 200 photos Liz took.

Goofy distracted mare...

Afterwards, Lily got untacked and put back in the field with the mare herd, where she immediately showed the beginnings of a rapid obsession with Circe. More on this later.

Off we went, to the mall this time. We did get stuck in rush hour traffic for real this time, but the mall is only a few minutes from the apartment, so we weren't in traffic for long.

We went to the stores Liz had been hoping to visit, she bought dinner, and then we went to locate my car in the parking lot. We had a small moment where we could not find my car anywhere and I started wondering if it might have been stolen...we then looked back at the mall door through which we had exited.

"I'm pretty sure we went in through a Ruby Tuesday's, not a Red Robin." Liz said.

We backtracked into the mall, looked at a directory...and discovered that we had literally exited through the opposite end of the mall! We both laughed.

Yes, apparently I have been spending too much time outdoors: my sense of direction indoors is beyond fubared. Hahahaha.... Plus this was only the second time ever that I've been inside this particular mall. :)

We located my car and drove home, where Liz ate her dinner while I uploaded her photos to our computer.

And then she was off again with Kenai, to meet with her friends in VA.

It was a very short visit, but a very fun one....though I just realized we didn't get photos of Liz and myself together. It did happen, I promise!

I'm excitedly looking forward to her next visit!

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  1. Your barn is gorgeous. You are next on my to-meet list.

    1. YAAAY!!! It would be awesome if we could make it work for one of the LDs this spring...since Liz is going to graduate to 50 milers I'm going to need an LD buddy! :D

  2. I'm only graduating until Griffin behaves and is ready to try an LD lol.

    I'm just thankful endurance rides aren't in malls...you'd be lost in a heartbeat. ;-)