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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WW: Autumn Trails

Have some photos of our ride today. The forest is really dressing up for fall! Definitely more yellow than green at this moment.
 Rode with Mary on Willa and Kathy on Queenie; we went to the park across the street. We trotted one lap around the meadow (Queenie couldn't keep up, so Kathy let her have a snack while we trotted around), then the three of us veered off into the woods.
Willa is very forward and opinionated but she decided she liked Lily enough to have her lead. Queenie brought up the rear. It was a really nice ride. I think we were out almost 2 hours; I forgot to keep track of time and just enjoyed my horse, the sights, and the company. :)

Random video of the trail, set to random YouTube music. Just so you guys can see the trail, the trees, the amount of leaves. We were going down hill, Lily marching along happily in the front.
This was part of a loop I'd never been on, taken after the lily pad pond. Mary gave me directions from behind us.

Crossing the creek on the way home. 
Note the muddy bank. Going away from home, I told Lily to go in, down that muddy bank that she used to refuse to go down if leading, when we went this way with Elena and Grema. 
Today there was a small amount of hesitation, but she went, leading the other two mares, through the mud and across the water. Mind you, we hadn't come this way in over 3 weeks!

Arriving back at the park parking lot
Path that runs by the road that serves as a safe shortcut into the park.
We cross the street from the barn and onto this path, which in turn leads into the park.
Photo taken on the way home.
A praying mantis!! He was HUGE! About 4" easily. Hadn't seen one since living in Texas as a kid! One not quite as big as this one lived on our back porch and would let me touch him.
They are among my favorite insects.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! We aren't having much of fall colors this year--leaves turning and just dropping off. So it's nice to see your fall! :)

  2. Wow, beautiful pictures!! Your trail looks like a ton of fun to ride on :)

  3. Definitely my favorite time of year to ride...