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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WW: Orange Posse Ride

Photos were taken Sunday. Swapped shifts with one of the girls from work so I could celebrate Charles's birthday (he had worked the night before and was sleeping late, so I had the morning to play with Lily!)

"This is what I think of all this orange..."
Orange gear from www.dontshootme.ca

The Orange Posse: Kathy with Queenie on the left, Lily and me in the center, Phoebe with Deja on the right.
It was 53 degrees. NICE!
The bridle path between the two neighbor pastures.
On our way to the back woods.

The neighbor's huge indoor that we're allowed to use for $50/month unlimited use, or $10/ride if using less frequently.
It looks tiny in this photo, but is at least twice the size of the one at my old barn.

Phoebe and pretty Deja.

Orange trees!! 
Path that leads right to the tree line. We're supposed to stay as close to the fence as possible, as we're riding through a lawn whose owner is kind enough to let us use.
This is the spot where Lily always finds something to freak out about when riding solo.

This is the view when you first pass the treeline.
The trees just keep getting more and more beautiful.

The forest is more orange than yellow now.

I was totally riding along, one hand on the reins, while looking up and taking photos...

First section of the trail.

Flaming trees. Gorgeous!!

Our plan was to ride past Four Corners to the Redneck Park trailhead to make it a 2 hr ride.
This is the gravel path that passes in front of the farm that I've shown on the blog previously.

Pretty much at peak color right now!
I had just snagged this photo when all of a sudden Lily, who had been getting progressively slower and slower as she led our little group of three, suddenly came to a stop, shook her head and tried to spin around to the left. 
She almost collided with Deja, who had been close behind us. I had to sort Lily out, one-handed, while trying to get the phone back on the holder. She wasn't naughty, just resistant to going forward for a second there, which she had not done in a long time while out with company.
We continued riding and as we turned the corner, we heard them: the hounds. 
The hounds that go out on the fox hunt are kept behind one of the soybean fields but you NEVER hear them. This was the 5th time I've ridden out this way and this was my first time hearing them. We continued walking, analyzing the situation while staring intently at the tree line. The horses were on high alert but obeying us. 
Were they really out hunting? They're not supposed to hunt on Sundays...was it just the wind blowing the sound towards us?The baying of the hounds became more and more hysterical. Every hair on my arms and the back of my neck stood on end. These were NOT dogs barking in their runs. These dogs were hunting.  And then Phoebe said it: "They're moving! They're going to come flying out of those woods any second!" We swung the horses around and hightailed it out of there at a fast trot. Lily was more than happy to lead the way back. "See? I told you," her body language said. Yes indeed. We all agreed that we need to pay more attention to Lily next time: she had heard the hounds way before any of us did and had tried to warn us.

So on the way back, we took a detour around the corn field just to add some time to our ride.

Huge corn field!

Phoebe and Deja bringing up the rear.
The little girl loves going out on the trails and contrary to the other horses who tend to speed up, Deja will lag far behind on the way home.

I love this time of year. I had yearned to return to a place with seasons for 26 years. And we finally got it!
October 28th will be our 1 year anniversary of living in the DMV.

Yes, that light was really filtering through the trees like that.

Fields on the way back to the barn.
Once safely home, we asked our BO about the hunt. Apparently they'd had some sort of exhibit the day before, Saturday, their regular hunt day, so they were very likely making up for it on Sunday. 
So yeah: good thing we cut the ride short!


  1. You certainly have some beautiful places to ride! Love the orange too!

  2. The orange posse, I love it! Great photos too, this time of year is perfect for photography taking :)

    1. It certainly is! Regarding the Orange Posse, everyone at the barn kept saying we needed a name for ourselves. We're the only riders with that much orange. Lol!