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Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Photos: Autumn Rides

On Thursday I rode with Kathy on Queenie and Phoebe on Deja. We went to the park across the street.

After our most recent Renegade fiasco with Lily's right front (her flatter foot), I put the Cavallos on her fronts and the Renegades on her hinds instead.

"Whut? Mom, you take too many photos..."
But Lily, you look so cute in your new boots!

Fox Meadow Trail
On the way to the second trailhead. We rode in the woods for about an hour at a walk. 4.5 miles total.
Back on the Fox Meadow Trail, heading home.
Love the changing colors!
For once Queenie was happy to let Lily walk next to her on the way home.
Actually, both mares were even MORE relaxed than they usually are...Lily almost felt as if she'd been aced.
She was 100% sober.
Even Deja, who can be a little looky and opinionated at times on the trail, was forward, happy, and willing to mingle with the other two.

See? On the buckle!
Phoebe and Deja. Deja is the cutest, tiniest Arab I've ever seen. She has one hell of a story: Phoebe met her while volunteering at an equine rescue. Deja had been rescued from a hoarding situation and was completely wild. The ONLY person she trusted was Phoebe-she chose her. When the rescue started talking about getting rid of Deja because no one could handle her, Phoebe saved her. She broke her to saddle and trained her herself, with the help of our NH trainer. Phoebe has done an AMAZING job with this mare.
The Renegades stayed on, despite some gnarly, rocky trails.

Lily in one of the back hospital paddocks, drying off after a bath and enjoying a whole flake of straight alfalfa. She had been so calm that she more than earned it. She also received a flake of O&A and her grain with supplements.


Photos from today:

Driving towards the barn. More yellow and red popping up every day amongst the green.


The barn dresses up for fall.

The mare field.

/The BO has decorated the barn entrance for fall!

Lily against the golden autumn glow.

Today we did a different kind of workout: we warmed up for 20 minutes in the arena, first w/t/c, and then working a little on bend at the trot to stretch her. Lily seemed a little bored and distracted with the arena work, a first. When she was reaching for the contact and lifting her back, I dismounted, put on my vest, booted her up, and took her on the bridle path.

We walked down the homestretch, trotted on the bridle path, then cantered on the slope towards the neighbors' paddocks. Once she understood what we were doing, she LOVED cantering on the slope. At the top of the slope, we slowed to a walk, turned around, and she asked to canter again. I let her, then as we came to the downhill part of the slope, I had her trot. We trotted all the way down, and once back on the bridle path, I let her canter again. At the end, we turned around and came back up the bridle path at a trot. We cantered up the hill again, all the way to the very end of the path (this means we cantered a full 1/4 mile), then turned around and walked all the way home. The Rennies stayed on Lily's hinds the entire way. 

She had broken a sweat with this, but I was definitely more winded than she was! The 2 sets took about 20 minutes. It definitely woke her up: she LOVED the canter sets. 

I couldn't help marvelling at my mare's awesomeness. Took these photos for y'all.

Path running next to neighbor's property.

Bridle path.

There aren't many horses in the world whom you can canter home and then afterwards walk down the same path with a giant loop in the reins at a walk...
These reins were very loose during our walk home!

"I am pure awesomeness."
We repeated the prior day's routine: untacked, bathed(she received a bubble bath and was rubbed down with liniment), and ate in the hospital paddock. The BO has almost finished her alfalfa supply, which she will be discontinuing, so no alfalfa for Lily today. 

We did 2.98 miles in 47 minutes total. Average speed was 3.8 mph, maximum speed was 13.1 mph.

Hoof photos!
Taken 24 hours post-trim.

Left front (more upright foot)
Right front (flatter foot; the one with which I'm having problems keeping the Renegades on)

Right hind

Left hind
Not pigeon-toed anymore!
After having my Frieder. Dick hoof rasp for a year, I decided to order a new rasp. After doing some research, I ordered the Heller Black Master rasp. It is specifically for rasping hooves that spend a lot of time in the sand and mud - sharper, and made to stay sharper longer. I've struggled with trimming her hinds, especially the left hind. This rasp made it SO EASY! It's 2" longer than my older rasp, but it was wonderful having a sharp rasp requiring less effort and pressure to get the job done. Definitely recommend this rasp for any barefooters out there reading this blog! :)


  1. What a great post! I loved all the photos and Lily is stunning as always. I am definitely going to take a look at that rasp, I need to begin trimming my horses feet again instead of a farrier.

    1. Here's one site to get it at: http://www.centaurforge.com/Simonds-14-Blackmaster-Rasp/productinfo/SIMAX/ I was pleased with the price; thought it was going to be so much more expensive!

  2. Her feet look great! The trail is lovely too.