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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Today Kathy and I went for a ride in the snow at the park across the street from our barn.

We had a blast!

Meadow trail
Queenie stepping high in the snow

Somebody had been cross-country skiing in the park.
They had skied ALL the trails! Hard core.
The trails looked so different with the snow. It was a good thing we know them so well by now!
Walking down the trail

The woods look sooo beautiful covered in snow!

A photo of Kathy taking a photo!

This is one of my favorites of the trail.
It was nice in the woods - the snow was only about 6" deep.

Queenie going over a pretty large tree blocking the trail. 

The river.

Coming upon one of the creek crossings

Hawlings River. This is one of the deepest parts of the river next to the trail. You can't see the bottom.
Hawlings River

Nearing the end of this portion of the trail. It dead-ends in a field, which is where we take the big hill that leads back to the main trail.

The steep hill. It doesn't look at all steep in this video, but it's at about a 70 degree angle. Lily and Queenie always throw themselves into a gallop up this hill because it's just easier for them.
We went up a first time and then I realized that I'd never hit the "play" button on the phone! So we both rode back down again and did it a second time. It's a little bumpy because I was looking straight ahead, not at the phone screen, but you get the idea. Kathy usually has to grab onto the horn for the spurt up this hill, but on the second go-round both mares did it much slower so Kathy was able to just ride with one hand on the reins and no horn-holding!

We did our usual network of trails after that. I've been much better about drinking water for these rides, which meant this time we had to stop for a potty break. Kathy held onto Lily for me and both mares socialized. 

Lily says, "Hi Queenie!"
Lily and me, leading the way afterwards.
You can see how the snow wasn't as deep in the woods.
We returned to the barn after completing 6.6 miles in 2 hours. The weather changed while we were out - it got humid, which meant that by the time I was done feeding Lily and setting up her feed, I really couldn't feel my hands or feet despite hand and toe warmers. It was about 30 degrees, but with the humidity it was miserably cold. 

We're supposed to get another 1" of snow tomorrow night and then it's supposed to skyrocket into the 50's for the rest of the week. Yay? I do hate the mud that follows a snow melt. And I'm not about to get my hopes up about warmer temps until they actually happen!


  1. Yeah for warmer weather on it's way!!!

    Looks like a fun ride in deep snow.

    1. Do you have two identical bridles? Except that one has an orange noseband and the other is black? You mentioned in your last post that you grabbed the Kimberwicke, and I assume that means a different bit, so is it on a second bridle identical to the first?

    2. Yes, I have two separate bridles. :) The bits are a pain in the butt to get on these specific biothane bridles, so I have the Myler combo bit set up on the one with the orange noseband and the browband you made for us, and the kimberwicke set up on the other bridle with the blue-ish noseband and biothane browband. It's just so much easier than having to swap out bits. :)

    3. The combo bit is my "bitting down" bit, but if I don't want to have to deal with her fussing, I'll just use the kimberwicke, especially on these "mostly walking" rides...Lily is really starting to understand that she is an endurance horse and will argue that we're supposed to be trotting! The kimberwicke allows for a lighter hand on the reins if she argues.

    4. Well, then I must do a second browband for your second bridle. Ooooooo. How fun!

    5. You're awesome. I can't say no to your browbands!

  2. So happy you're enjoying the snow so much. =)