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Thursday, February 13, 2014

WW: Snowpocalypse?

The DC area is being hit by Pax, the same storm system that swept through the South. We're supposed to get up to 12". The county just north of us is expecting up to 20" by tomorrow. That is crazy talk. The thing is, all it takes is a slight shift in the storm trajectory for us to end up with almost 2' of snow... 

I can vouch for 3"-6" in my area as of 1:00 am when I left work early to get my butt home before the weather got worse. I changed into my snow boots before walking out the door, and I was glad I did because I was up to my ankles in the white stuff. My Danskos would have been flooded!


The snow plows hadn't reached my part of the parking lot yet.

My little front-wheel drive car with her all-weather tires. (I keep asking every New Englander I know if it's really true that you don't need snow tires for this area, and they always laugh and say no...so no snow tires. But I'm really questioning that advice this year...)
She got me safely home yet again with nary a skid.
Snow plow doing its thing in the parking lot at work.
Driving home.
It was 1:00 am. The only cars out were the plows; you can see the headlights of another one in this photo. Yes, I did stop in the middle of the road to take this pic. :p
Thank God for living in an area where, while it's not the norm to get this much snow, at least they are prepared for it. I would have been stuck at work for 48 hours otherwise.

Our neighborhood snow cleanup crew was out and about but they hadn't done the far corner of our parking lot, the only part where there were available spots. These are my car's tracks in the snow.

Ankle deep.

Home: a winter wonderland. This is the most snow we've had in our area so far.
The wind has been gusting pretty hard on and off since I got home; it looks like a whiteout outside at times. I'm glad I was able to leave work early. 

Stay safe and warm everyone! 


  1. It's so funny to see that for once we have as much snow as you (expecting 8-12 inches in our area). I didn't have any issues driving through it either yesterday (in my 2wd truck with all-terrain tires) and was going to go to work but then it started sleeting and freezing rain so I ended up calling out. Anyway, stay safe up there!!

    1. I'll take the snow over freezing rain any day! We had some of that last week and it was horrible. I'm glad you were able to stay home when that started; it's awful to drive in. We're supposed to get a lot more snow now; the entire forecast changed overnight!

  2. Maybe you should stop wishing for snow. You must only use your superpower for good.

    (Although T would disagree. He has always loved the villians.)

    1. Karen, this made me laugh so much! I guess I should start calling myself the Snow Queen?

    2. And agree: I never understood why the villains had to have the best superpowers. Not fair! lol

  3. Your photos look gorgeous and pristine and I want to go play in it. :) Glad you made it home safely!

    1. I did too! Since there was no one around, I dropped all of my stuff in the mail room on the ground level floor of our apartment building; there's a door off of this room that leads directly onto the main street of our neighborhood. I went running out that door and into the snow. At 1:00 am. I was covered in the stuff and giggling when I walked into our apartment. The cats thought I was nuts...lol :D