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Friday, February 14, 2014

Post-Snowpocalypse Ride

Charles and I were able to dig my car out without a problem, I was able to make it to work last night, and made it back home safely afterwards. We had a skeleton crew working at the hospital; almost everyone had called out; a lot of my coworkers live in remote areas that the snow removal crews leave for last. We had another 3" of snow while I was working; I was glad I'd just shoved the shovel in the backseat of my car, as I did end up needing it again!

And in case you were wondering exactly how much snow we got:

Charles is 6'1"
Told you it was a snowpocalypse!!
So today it was time for fun! 

Upon arriving at the barn, I was told that no one had been able to open the gate to the arena because of the snow. Nothing like telling me something can't be done to get me to go try it.  I dug up some of the snow blocking the path of the gate, shoving the snow out of the way. 5 minutes later, the arena was accessible.

I got Lily out of the field, removed her blanket, and set her free in the arena. She immediately took off at a trot. We both ran around in the 18" deep snow. 

"Ok, I'm done running around."

Striking a pose

I gave her a beet pulp snack while tacking up. 

Got this sorted out. Added a tiny blue Velcro strap, attaching the bottom ring of the saddle bag to my billet strap. This really lifts the saddle bags off of Lily's shoulders now.
The stalled horses had been brought in from the fields, so I technically could have gone out the bridle path gate. However, the shadows were getting long and I didn't really feel up to going out to Four Corners alone this late in the afternoon. 

I decided we'd ride up and down the driveway. 

Snow on the side of the driveway

And then, as we got to the end of the driveway, I thought, "We should totally go to the park across the street and do the meadow trail!"

We crossed the street uneventfully. The road was wet but not at all slippery; it was in the upper 40's today during the day. 

The park was gorgeous! Not a single person had been there all day long; the parking lot was still covered in 18"-24" of snow with no tire tracks whatsoever. The only other living beings to have walked through the park were deer.

The snow was soft and slightly slushy from the warmer temps we'd had today but the footing was perfect: no mud, no ice, and the ground under the snow was firm and solid. We mostly walked. Every once in a while Lily would pick up a very prancy trot of her own accord but it never lasted long. She was up to her hocks and knees most of the time, so I let her choose whatever gait she felt most comfortable at. She preferred to walk, so we walked. When she trotted though, it was so much fun: it was a big trot with major suspension so she could power through the snow.

We came around the back loop of the meadow trail, where it connects to the Hidden Pond trail. On a whim, I asked Lily to follow this trail. I figured the snow wouldn't be quite as deep in the woods as out on the meadow and we could do the back loop that runs parallel to the meadow trail.

As we rode past the Hidden Pond itself, I heard barking and yipping. This was not dogs barking...maybe foxes? I know we have foxes in those woods. Whatever it was, there was more than one animal producing the sound. After all of our close encounters with dogs lately, I had no desire to come across a pack of anything when Lily and I were out alone without having told anyone where we were going, and with my cell phone's battery more than halfway gone.

I swung Lily around and we quickly trotted back out to the meadow trail. The barking and yipping didn't follow us. We walked the rest of the way home.

Lily's tracks behind us

Once back, we rode up and down the driveway a couple of times, alternating between the road and the snow on the sides of it, sometimes walking, sometimes trotting, and we cantered twice on the little snow-covered slope between the BO's house and Tally's pasture. It was maybe 15 strides of canter.

We walked up and down the driveway one more time and called it a day. We did 3.65 miles in 1 hour. Like I said: we mostly walked but we had such a great time! I'd been looking forward to riding in the snow all week!


  1. Foxes. Especially at that time of the day. They would have left you alone and would have stopped yipping when you got too close.

    We luvs foxes. In fact, one of these days I will tell the story about the Hungarian foxes that live near T's school.

    We have foxes out behind our condo. The breeding female has a den on the hill behind the condo development to the North. I never get tired of them. They are J's animal.

    What a wonderful ride in the snow. Nice to know Lily was calm and safe for you. I need to start pushing Ashke and I to get out alone more.

    1. Good to know for next time! The street that I take to and from the barn winds around the perimeter of this park and I see them crossing the street every once in a while. Love foxes; I had never seen them alive and in person until moving to this barn. It always something really special when I see them.

      Yes, you'll have to tell us about the Hungarian foxes! :D

      I wish we were closer! We could just ride together!

  2. I love that you were able to get out and ride in the snow. While getting that much snow can be a pain, there is something about being the first one out on a road or a path that feels so cool:)

  3. Yall are so cute about the snow!

  4. Aw, looks like you guys had a great time!