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Friday, January 30, 2015

TOA Blog Hop: 1K Words

In the latest installment of Beka's blog hop series, she says: 

Let's share our favorite photos of our stud muffins. No limit.

Okay, so you can't really tell me there's no limit, as I will post ALL THE PHOTOS. ;) I'm rehashing some old, old faves here that a lot of current blog followers might have never seen, along with some newer ones. I have many favorites that I've repeat-posted recently, so I didn't include those here. 

Working at liberty in the arena of the FL barn
Sometime in early 2012
A very pretty headshot I got of her during one of our expeditions to Wolf Lake in Davie, FL.
At the clinic that changed the way I rode her in Stuart, FL, March 2012.
I've never posted this one on the blog. Lily and me after the dressage clinic.
Photo by Cheri Prill of Stunning Steeds Photography. If you are in FL and you want professional photos of you and your horse, I HIGHLY recommend Cheri! She takes GORGEOUS equestrian photographs!
When I first roached her mane.
Spring 2012
This was the blog header for a long time.
Summer 2012

Wolf Lake is a park in Davie, FL (Fort Lauderdale area) that has a man-made lake with a slanted bottom on one of its shores specifically so that horses can be ridden into the water. Mark was the owner of the trailer and had no interest in going to the beach, but this was a nice plan B. This is one of the few photos from the first time we took Lily during the summer of 2011, shortly after I bought her.

Wolf Lake, summer 2011.
We didn't return until a year later and Lily didn't remember her previous water exposure. This was summer of 2012: she was completely intimidated by the water until I simply led her in. She hated the bait fish nibbling at the long hairs on her legs!

The only times I've ever ridden her bareback was on these two visits to Wolf Lake. She was nuzzling my foot for reassurance in this photo. That's Diane on Beau. He's Mark's QH gelding that Charles used to borrow to take on rides with me.
We tacked up for a trail ride and I later just rode Lily partially into the water without untacking. (Only the fenders got wet.) This was while I was was saddle-less waiting for my Alta to arrive (it took 5 MONTHS...custom-made in Spain, that saddle). My friend Diana let me borrow her Abetta Western to toodle with in the meantime, since it fit Lily.
Also at Wolf Lake, summer 2012.

Treetops Park in Davie, FL.
All of us from the barn trailered there for a day of trail riding and BBQ. It was awesome!
January 2012
Such a pretty girl.
Treetops Park
Treetops Park
January 2012
Yes. January in a tank top. It was hot.
One of our first rides in the Alta after its arrival.
Coconut Creek, FL
First time seeing her since I shipped her North from FL when we moved. She arrived in MD 5 days before we did. It was the longest I'd ever been without seeing her.
Shortly after arriving in MD in November 2012, taking her out for hand grazing to get her acclimated to the lush grass up here.
Sweet girl. During one of our first hikes on the trails together. Winter 2012.
I love this photo. It was my FB cover photo for a long time.
Warm-up on the longe.
December 2012
Encouraging her to stretch.
In the indoor at the first MD barn.
Indoor at the first MD barn during Lily's rehab from her annular ligament injury.
Early summer 2013
First trot sets during rehab. I started taking her out into the fields for it because I was DONE with riding in the arenas.
Summer 2013

First time she ever played with water on her own.
Summer 2013
First time on the lake trail
Riding in the neighbor's indoor
Winter; early 2014
Same ride. I love this photo.
Charles has a tremendous eye when it comes to taking photos.
Charles hiked the trails of the park across the street with me to take pics.
This one was my blogger header for a long time too.
Early winter 2013.
Spooking at Charles. Dork!
Nice forward trot on the trail.

Beach ride on the Chesapeake
Spring 2014

At the Agricultural History Farm Park.
Summer 2014

At the Old Dominion 50 mile endurance ride. Photo by Mike Turner.
June 2014
When we completed at the Old Dominion. Our expressions match!
Photo by Dom

My fave ride photo to date.
At the Fort Valley 50 mile endurance ride. October 2014
And now for Gracie pics. I've posted most of my faves on the blog and of course, there aren't going to be anywhere near as many of her as there are of Lily because I've only had Gracie for 8 months compared to 3.5 years of Lily.

First photo I took of her. What a difference!!
April 2014
First photo of me riding her. Taken by Charles a couple of weeks after I'd started working with her.
First ride up and down the driveway.
She had been taking a nap out in the pasture. She woke up when I approached her but just stayed there, curled up on the ground. She let me sit with her, put my forehead to hers, and take this photo. And she still stayed.
Never shared this one on the blog.
First photo of our shadows.
Silly mare face.
So nosy. Peering into the run-in shed feed room while I was setting up grain.
Marefaces in the dry lot together.
Among the first ears photos of her.
Lily: "Are you my sister?"
Charles's first trail ride on G-Mare.
The first time she recognized my car and came to the gate when I parked.
With the two girls.
Nuzzling Charles.
They walked from all the way across the field to say hi. I love this one because at the end of the day, after having been ridden, they still wanted to hang out.
Stark contrast to the mare she was when I took my first photo of her, in weight, condition and demeanor!
Summer 2014
She is a clown.
Looking fierce. Still from the same video that I got the photo in the side bar.
Her glorious ombre mane
Gaiting in the back field at Kathy's

Like I said: NOSY