"And, when you want something, the entire Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." -The Alchemist, by Paulo Coehlo

Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Film

This video was made by Alex, our head stable hand. He films clips of the horses at play during the day at the farm, and then puts them together into awesome movie trailers like this one. (All the editing is done on his iPhone!) This is one of my favorites of his so far.

Another Ride, Another Walk

Since this was the temperature today

I decided to only go with 4 mls of Ace for Lily. Gave it IM, we did another tango.

Her legs were super stocked up, all 4 of them, but especially the hinds. Swelling was cool to the touch though, and she was not painful, confirming the stocking up diagnosis.

Did our first 5 minutes in the arena, decided I liked the way her head was screwed on today, so we moved to the paddock, where we walked for another 15 minutes. She was still quite sedate, but once in the paddock, she had a little more spring in her step.

Then it was shower time and ice time.

Because I'm paranoid about stocking up and ice never hurts.
Shiny pony
She went back into her stall after hand grazing, with her rubber feeder full of alfalfa forage, T&A hay cubes, drizzled with Ration Plus (a prebiotic) and rice bran oil. She had lost a lot of topline on stall rest (she's just starting to look good again now); I'm hoping this helps bring it back.

And that was it for today.

Today's Run: Walk/Run with Charles

Today's Photos

The green & white leaves I was trying to photograph yesterday.

Grass track that winds around part of the neighborhood. We saw a deer!!

Trees with peeling bark. Birch?

One of the many, many, many little parks.

I *think* this is Japanese Stewartia

Today's Run
Went with Charles. Hot again today.
5 minutes walk warmup
2 minutes jog, 2-3 minutes walk x 7
10 minute cooldown
Hit the gym at our apartment complex! I'd been wanting to check it out for awhile, but it's small and I have issues with small gyms full of people (long story). Charles says I'm antisocial. Worked shoulders, chest, upper back and abs using free weights, bench, and dual pulley machine. I've been dying to start strength training again.

Strength training area of our tiny little gym.

Friday Photos: The Kitties

I don't talk too much about these two here, but they are a constant in our lives. Astarte is often on the desk next to me, in front of the computer screen, or in my lap while I write. She is a snuggler, despite being a calico.
Usually the first thing I do when I get home from work or the barn is play tag with Aengus. He'll run around the house to be chased, and then chase me back when I run away from him. He's such a cool cat!

Astarte in all her lazy rug-climbing glory
Her ears were super pink and warm from the sun.


Yup, lazy girl!


Aengus trying to be discreet around the old lady.

Aw shucks!

The bathtub is his playpen...that scrap of fur is what's left of his toy rat from when he was a kitten. It used to be bigger than him! He loves picking up his toys in his mouth, running into the bathroom, and leaping into the tub to play with them. I think he doesn't realize he's a cat...he plays fetch, too! Aengus is the kitten we adopted from the Montgomery County Humane Society in December; he's going to be a year old in July!

He has the most adorable personality.

Love her. Astarte is a Puertorrican shorthair.  My brother adopted her as a 9 month old kitty from The Humane Society of Puerto Rico. When he moved to Ohio, he couldn't take her. She had always been my fave of our 3 cats, so with his permission, my mom brought her to FL for me during one of her visits. Astarte rode in the car with us for the 17 hour trip to Virginia. This was her first real winter ever! She is 13 years old.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

We Rode

Charles went to the barn this afternoon with me so I could ride my mare. I had run out of Robaxin today, and the new order of medication arrived later, once we were back home. But even so, the goofball's back wasn't fingertip-sore anymore, so we went ahead with our plans. Lily was sedated with 5 mls of Ace IM, which involved a tango dance in her stall, but she received her injection, and this was her 20 minutes later:

I tacked her up in her stall. She was super lovey, and didn't even care about the girth being tightened (I always tighten only a couple of holes at a time, and don't finish tightening all the way until right before mounting up.)

Dopey. Charles thought it was hysterical.

Making an effort at alertness...

I was super nervous about getting on. PTSD? I had to force myself to breath slowly and deliberately, trying to hide how I was feeling from her. Walking to the arena, I wished I had some sedative for myself!!

As it turns out, she was perfect. I had put the rope halter on underneath the bridle in case Charles had to pony us around again, but it wasn't necessary. She walked off exclusively on voice command.

At one point we walked over the ground poles. She was oddly enthusiastic about them; it was pretty funny.

By here I had relaxed.

30 second video of Lily sleep walking.

She was a good girl.

Charles, Lily and me.

Since the ride was all of 15 minutes, I hand-walked her for an extra 10 minutes in the big field, tack still on. I left the curb chain dangling on purpose for the hand walk.


I was laughing at her. Like I said, she was practically sleep walking.
Heat always makes her lethargic too; we probably would have been fine on just 3 or 4 mls of Ace.
I'll think about it for next time...

Charles called this one "Dinnertime."

The guys with the feed cart making the rounds. Note that the fans are up! It was HOT!

Today's Run: Drills

Today's Photos
Slope where I did hill sprints.

Was trying to get the green & white leaves on this tree, but got an AWESOME lens flare instead!

Today's Workout
Went solo today. Still feeling tired. Went around 1:30 pm instead of in the late morning, and paid dearly: it was in the 90's today, and even the wind was hot. Went to the big park, and every time the breeze picked up, it was like someone was opening an oven. Still not as humid as South FL, but officially and without a doubt, it was HOT. Decided to do drills to keep it interesting.
7 minute walk warm-up
2 minutes jog
2 minutes walk
1 minute hill sprints (on slope above; sprint up, run down)
1 minute jog
1 minute walk
10 minutes drills 
(same as last drills day, alternating 1 minute each drill with 30 seconds walking. Added running backwards as one of the drills)
2 minutes walk
2 minutes jog
2 minutes walk
1 minute hill sprints (on steep incline, like last time I did hill sets)
1 minute jog
10 minute walk cooldown