"And, when you want something, the entire Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." -The Alchemist, by Paulo Coehlo

Friday, July 12, 2013

Bar Some

I trimmed Lily's bars yesterday. Just took off the excess and cleaned them up a bit. They need the bars for support; they are part of the hoof wall.

Right front

Right hind

Left front

Left hind

Do you see any toeing-in in this photo?
All I did was balance her hooves. That's it. I can't tell you how happy I am with the results!

My tools. Friedr. Dick 12" rasp (for puny hands like mine. I take size 6.5 sterile gloves.) and Anvil Brand The Knife hoof knives. I tried to get away with just having the right-handed knife originally, but it makes a huuuuuuge difference having both: you can always angle that knife away from you when trimming bars/frog!
I didn't include the stand because it was put away at the back of my locker when I thought of taking this photo, but it is this one.

Riding-wise, we started with our single 4-minute trot session. We're still doing half an hour of work total, with 4 straight minutes of trotting smack in the middle. It's gone well; she's happy to keep on trotting. Only using 1.8 mls of ace right now. She still looks sedate though:

"Stop taking pictures and get me out of this box!"
Yesterday while mounting up I'm not sure what I did, but I somehow accidentally ended up plopping onto the Lilybird's back instead of seating myself lightly like I do 99.99% of the time. Lily was extremely offended by this. Her head and neck went up, and her ears swivelled around while still pointing straight up. They look like antelope horns when she does this. It's her "I didn't like that, I'm gonna buck any second" ears.

Yah, her ears look just like these horns.
Except this is a Dorcas gazelle, not an antelope.  But you get what I mean.
Thankfully, she didn't pull off any airs above ground and just stood there. I carefully shifted myself into position, talking to her and giving her gentle pats on the neck. 

After this, I decided she needs a million times more desensitizing-to-rider movements. So after we'd walked for 15 minutes and done our trot set, I spent the last 10 minutes doing really ridiculous stuff, like wiggling in the saddle, reaching around with one arm and patting her back and rump, taking one foot out of the stirrup at a time and waggling it in the air. She was leery about the foot out of the stirrup, but after repeating it a couple of times, alternating legs, she stopped paying any attention to it. I also swung the dressage whip around, holding it straight up in the air, shifting it from one hand to the other, and doing a big arc with it above her ears. She was absolutely fine with this. Yesss!

We repeated this today, again after the trot set, adding dancing in the saddle vs just wiggling, waving one arm at a time in the air, taking both feet out of the stirrups and swinging them forward & back then thumping her sides gently, also making the saddle rock from side to side. Her ears turned to "listen" to all the "noise" I was making, but her pace never changed and she remained completely and 100% relaxed. I probably looked like a complete retard, but I did this with Lucero ad nauseum when he was a baby, and he was the most laid-back calm stallion you've ever met. Kids and rank beginners could get on him, and he didn't care. 

I honestly just hadn't realized that Lily really needed this up until this week. 

I'd like to think she'll remember this experience whenever I get to try it with her sober. 


  1. Ha, sober. Glad someone else thinks of it as a "cocktail." :-)

    1. Oh yeah. Charles says it's cruel to get her drunk & then make her work. Haha...

  2. I like to make swooshing noises and wave my arms and hands near and around Q's ears and eyes and face while riding. Some days she's all, WHATEVER. Other days she tucks talk and scoots. Le sigh. What'll Lilybird do about that kind of antic? Noice + perceived threat to face/head?

    1. Yup, I've done that, and she reacts the same as Q: some days she doesn't care, and some days she thinks she's going to die. Mares! But it makes me feel better that Q does the same thing. I hope Lily settles down into being more like your girl as she matures; I always get the impression that they have similar temperaments, except Q didn't go through the traumas that Lily did. Really looking forward to meeting her in person!