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Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Photo

"Off roading". We did a loop around a fallen tree, going completely off of the trail, and kept on going for a bit. She was absolutely fine with this. Footing was flat and firm; no mud.

We did 2 miles in 37 minutes, with our 2 4-minute trot sets. She chose to go towards the big bridge initially, then refused to go over it. (Wtf Lily. We just did this 2 days ago!) I made her circle in front of it until she crossed, then turned around and made her cross over it again. We then headed towards the Bayou trail, where she balked at the little bridge. After a minute of insisting, she walked over. We then did our first trot set, and she seemed happy and fairly relaxed. I even listened to Pandora during our ride, a first on any horse ever. Had the volume set super low so I could still hear what was going on around us, but it was nice to have a little music in the background. 

Second trot set happened on the way back home, and I had her continue trotting over the little bridge...then turned her around (she wasn't thrilled with that initially) and made her go trot it again, going away from home. I turned her around again, and we trotted over it towards home, thus finishing our second trot set on a good note. 

I consider it a good session as long as I'm able to do shit while still on her back. This was a good session. 

Once back, I originally wanted to take her around the barn on the concrete before dismounting, but Heather and Joana were working on trailer loading with their horses, and Lily acted like she'd never before seen a trailer in her life. After 5 minutes of insisting, I got her to walk 5 strides towards it, made her stop on MY command, then dismounted and led her towards it. I removed her saddle while waiting for Joana to be done with Justice, then, with their permission, led Lily up onto the trailer. She followed obediently. We did this twice, then took her to the wash stall for a bubble bath.

I hand-grazed her in front of the trailer afterwards. Lily, trailers don't eat horses.

I just learned that allowing a horse to stop and look at things is a bad thing to do, especially on the trail. I'm guilty of doing this with Lily in the beginning. Now I have to work on undoing it. Any good suggestions on building a horse's confidence under saddle outside of the arena?

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  1. Only thing I can suggest is to make sure you always make them go, don't let them hesitate. If you let them get away with "looking" once, it can become a habit.