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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Ultrasound

Today I got to the barn ready to finish up Lily's trim, at least the wall aspect of it. I had ordered new hoof knives (despite frequent sharpening, my FL one is so dull you can't even use it to cut hay string now. I know this because I tried!) and they arrived this afternoon, after I'd gotten home from the barn.

This is how Lily was standing after finishing touching up her walls.

Front legs straight underneath her, hind legs out where they should be.
She used to stand camped under on a regular basis. :(

Photos of her camped under, for you to compare:
February 2013

March 2013

Back to photos of today:

Weight evenly distributed on both hinds. Look at the top of her rump.

Another photo taken 30 minutes later, facing in the opposite direction. She was standing square!

Her crooked right front that tends to toe in...almost straight!
After my trim.

Left front. I lowered the heels on this hoof a bit-it was getting taller than the other hoof, and there was room to trim.

Left hind. Toe looks like it could be shorter, but this is it up to the water line. I'm not trimming beyond that.
This is the hardest one of all 4 feet for me to work on, because I have to get underneath her; my right arm gets cramped. It's just a really weird angle for me.

Right front. Compare to here and here.

Right hind. Always my fave of all 4 of her feet (is that weird that I have a favorite hoof?)

Left front

Left hind. See what I mean? You can't trim off any more toe on this hoof.

Right front. The wonky foot. But check out how much better it looks from here!

Left hind. Her frogs are shedding; this is not thrush.
Her bars need *a little bit* of trimming, which is what the knives will be used for.

And if you think it's easy to do any of this, you've got another thing coming! Haha... I've done a million touch-up trims on her, and some trims that were a little more than just a touch up, but this was my first real trim. (I've been wanting to take over for a long, long time, but have always been afraid of screwing her up, especially because each foot is so different. I'm still afraid, believe me.) Holy crap, my left arm HURT from holding her feet up while I rasped with my right hand. (This is why it's taken me two days just to finish working on her walls...) For whatever reason, this time around doing her left side was a million times harder than her right. Maybe because I wasn't being so timid with the rasp? Also managed to somehow put a slice in my left wrist with the rasp, despite wearing appropriate farrier's gloves. Ugh. You'd never know I'd been doing this for the last year...

Afterwards, we rode again in the big field. On 1.8 mls of ace! YEAH! We did our walk with the two 2-minute trot sets, and then Lily received a bubble bath, and then Dr. R arrived to vaccinate everyone...

...and do Lily's recheck ultrasound. 

I trotted her for Dr. R, and she was immensely pleased with Lily's progress. And then it was ultrasound time...and she has healed about 90%! 

So tomorrow we start doing a single 4 minute trot set within the 30 minute walk, and then next week, we start with two 4-minute trot sets! And I'll tell you guys what comes next as we get there. :)

You know what? It wasn't until after I had put Lily away in her stall for the day that I realized that I had trimmed Lily prior to the vet coming and the vet thought she was moving fantastic. I probably would not have done that if I'd stopped to think about it beforehand, but it was a good confirmation that I did something right...or at least, didn't do anything wrong. 


  1. Congrats on the great trim!!! Props to you for being able to do that yourself AND the compliment from the vet! :)

  2. Great news on the ultrasound and the excellent trim!

  3. D'awwww yeahhhhhhh.

    Now. You MUST get a stand to trim with. Seriously. Your life will be complete. I swear it.

    You know your horse best. You do. You know you do. You know her feet. You know how she moves. You know what she needs more of and doesn't need more of. That knowledge will help you in your trimming. What works for her may not be textbook perfect, but if its working and its healthy and she's balanced and sound? Then do it. Go with it. Embrace it.

    You got this.

    1. Thank you, thank you Liz! I've been wanting to do this for a looooong time, but didn't feel confident enough to do it. I just needed the farrier to fire the barn right when Lily was due to get me to grow a pair. Haha...It was just awesome to get the indirect confirmation from the vet on a job well done!

      And I responded to your comment via text, but since I know I have a couple of readers interested in barefoot, I did want to let everyone else know that I do own a stand: http://www.horse.com/item/high-country-plastics-farrier-stand/E003008/

      It's not The Hoof Jack, which most farriers have (http://www.kvsupply.com/hoof-jack/&refcode=Froogle&CAWELAID=983673350&cagpspn=pla&gclid=CKi2sOPvqLgCFYmi4Aod1UQA-w) but it has most of the same features, including the magnets on the sides of the stand and the interchangeable posts. It's a solid, decent stand for $70. :) It's the same one Andrea over at The Uncatchable Number 257 had when she first started trimming GoGo.

      I was being lazy because I was going to "do a quick touch-up" sans stand, and ended up giving myself a major workout...hahaha...

  4. Yeah! Congrats both of you! :)