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Friday, July 5, 2013



Did week 2 of the Cyclemeter 5K program:
5 min warm-up walk; 1:30 min run, 1:30 min walk x 7; 5 min cooldown

Earthworm! Why on earth (pun intended) do they come out when it's sunny and hot?

Pine cones strung from a tree


Since I was running 2 days back-to-back, did week 1 of the 5K program:
5 min warm-up walk; 1 min run, 1:30 min walk x 8; 5 min cooldown.
Both Sunday and Monday averaged about 2.5 miles.

Today Friday:

Went to Great Falls with Charles. We took one of the trails leading away from the river, and discovered a world like something out of Fern Gully. Or Return of the Jedi. Whatever your level of nerdiness is. It was gorgeous nonetheless.

Did week 2 of the 5K program:
5 min warm-up walk; 1:30 min run, 1:30 min walk x 7; 5 min cooldown
We did exactly 2 miles in the woods, then had to walk back to the car. The route back was an additional 2.6 miles. Nice.

The beginning of the trail. 

Charles, the only time he was ahead of me on the trail. 

It was a gradual but steady uphill climb. My Achilles tendon never bothered me. 


So beautiful and peaceful!
We thought it would be cooler in the shade, but it actually was not-the trees blocked any breeze. Didn't care, though-it was so, so pretty!
A creek crossing. Of course I thought of Lily.

There were several wooden bridges. This is what made Charles say, "Florida officially sucks!" Lol

We started taking forks in the trail to the right until we eventually got back to the C&O Canal trail


And I can't WAIT to go back out on the trails with my mare!

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