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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


2 years ago, on July 8, I signed Lily's bill of sale for $1. Charles gave me the $1 so he could officially say that he bought me a horse for my birthday. :)

On July 8 of this year, we didn't do much because I worked all day. After work, Lily received a trim from moi, which I'm still fine-tuning. I rode her in the Alta Escuela, and I don't know if it was the trim, the saddle or a combination, but she gave me the best ride yet. We're down to 2 mls of ace.

Yesterday dawned ugly, overcast, muggy as hell, and drizzling. By the afternoon, it had cleared up, so I went to the barn and started out riding Lily in the outdoor. It was less buggy than it's been, so after one turn of the outdoor, I took her out into the big field.

We did it! We did our entire session in the big field. It started to get buggy again towards the end, but we were able to do 25 minutes of walking and our two 2-minute trot sets out in the field. It was nice to get out there because the field slopes gently, so in theory, Miss Mare got a light hill workout at the same time. We did more downhill during the trot sets than uphill, for which I did sitting trot and she just jogged down the slopes. She was calm, almost bored. I had to tap the dressage whip against my leg a couple of times to wake her up. She's perfect about the whip again-even let me mount up with it in my hand without any flinching.

We did our final 5 minutes on the buckle in the outdoor arena. 

These photos are not edited; the light really did come out that way.

Happy Anniversary Lilybird! I love you.


  1. Happy Lilyversary and sounds like a great day! :)

  2. What a pretty girl! Are you using a published rehab saddle for the under saddle stuff or are you going on the vet's recommendation? My surgeon was kinda just like, "You know, bring her back slowly," but didn't give me any more than that.

    1. Oh no, this is strict vet recommendation. I love my vet-she's very, very thorough, and has a lot of experience diagnosing & treating lamenesses. The difference between her & the vet we had in South FL is like night & day. The FL vet's method was more like your surgeon's.

    2. I think my regular vet will have better guidelines for me. I'm starting to wonder if I started hand-grazing too early (they didn't tell me to wait, that I could start right away) but I'm thinking it's okay. It's like a 20 ft walk to the grass and then she just stands there and stuffs her face. I want someone to give me a chart with what to do each day. I'll have to ask my vet. Blah.

    3. Each vet's recommendations will be different, but our vet is all for them being able to move as much as possible within reason, because they just tend to atrophy all over just sitting in a stall. We have 4 at my barn with soft-tissue injuries (including Lily) and another with different bone-related injuries to her front legs. All of them have followed similar programs to mine, with slight modifications to accommodate different healing times and equine personalities. We were allowed to hand-graze right off the bat for as long as we wanted; we just couldn't walk far to get to grass nor have them on inclined terrain (not a problem for you in FL :) ). I would think hand-grazing is fine for Lex, especially since she's such a laid-back girl. We have 2 that are on limited grazing simply because they go bonkers every time they leave the stall. Both have to be aced just for grazing, and even then there is a chance of them re-injuring themselves being idiots, so they only get 2 sessions each of 15 minutes of grazing.

      Your regular vet should be able to provide guidance. I would expect your girl to progress much faster than the guys at my barn with their soft tissue injuries. I know how you feel! I've been there in the past. And even when the vet gives you a structured program, you still know your horse best - with my so-so vet in FL, when I finally got a rehab program out of him for another horse, I still felt like he wanted me to go too fast, so I did it at the slower pace I thought appropriate and the gelding recovered fabulously.

      You're doing a fantastic job with Lex! It will get better!