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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Whip Rack

On Wednesday, we rode again. It was earlier in the day than usual (this was the day I clipped Paris), and thus hotter, so I used only 2.3 mls of ace. 

Lily still looked like this:

We rode in the indoor because it would have been way too hot in the sun. I discovered that if you want to clear out an arena, just make sure beforehand that everyone knows your horse is on stall rest. :/ I felt bad. People don't believe me even when I reassure them that Lily is fine with other horses in the arena, whether she is sedated or not.

The big highlight of the day was the whip rack. I've been sidling her up to it so I can grab a whip without having to dismount. Being able to do this with her is a huge deal. 

It took a couple of attempts to get her lined up close enough so that I could reach the rack. During one of the attempts she managed to walk head-first into the wall! Totally bonked her head. Poor girl! NOT the kind of thing she would have done EVER had she been sober. *sigh* She was fine, though. She put her ears to the side, like "Whatever. Totally did that on purpose."

Just so you guys can see how this in a pretty tight corner.
To grab a whip, I have to make her sidle up to the wall with a baby leg yield.
Can you tell she was annoyed? Lol Those are her annoyed ears.
"Tell me again WHY we're supposed to do this?"
So you can be a good trail horse, Lily. So we can open gates and get into and out of really tight corners without you losing your shit.

She was great for the entire ride. Good enough that I asked Charles if he could come out again Friday (today) to get some video.

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