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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Lily's feet, day of trim (not immediately after, but in the evening on the same day. Pardon the horrid lighting.)

Left front (clubbier foot)

Left front

Right front (flatter foot)

Right front

The troublesome left hind. The weird V's are almost grown out. They have some blush bruising around them, but the hoof is bothering her WAAAY less than it used to. She has stopped automatically resting it whenever I pick up the right front.

Left hind. My farrier left the frog sulcus alone. You can see where the puncture wound is.

Right hind

Right hind. I think this is still my fave of all 4 of her feet...wish all 4 looked as good as this one!

One nearly perfect hoof print. I love bare hoof prints.


  1. I love bare hoof prints too! I need to see if my farrier thinks Simon can ditch his front shoes.

    1. I had posted about them on Pia's Parade, but ask him about Epona shoes if he thinks Simon might have issues. The big problem with TBs (and TB crosses like Lily) is that they tend to have thin soles when they've been shod most of their lives. Between that and the erosion of the FL sandy footing, we were worried Lily's feet wouldn't make it through the winter up here, and so my farrier told me about the Eponas. Epona shoes stimulate the whole bottom of the hoof, including the frog-they are not like regular shoes that only touch the wall. Lily grew TONS of sole while wearing the Eponas over the winter. My farrier glued them on, and since the footing was so harsh outside, she added an additional layer of casting material. (I didn't want nails because I wanted her barefoot again for sure; but they can certainly be nailed on without a problem-they have holes for nails.) In February, we left them off. There was never a transition period-she was sound on GRAVEL, which she had never been before, right out of the Eponas. I'm a fan!
      That new EasyShoe from Easyboot that everyone is raving so much about is basically a copy of the Eponas.